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You're so intense. >=D Great page as always, though I don't see how you have the time to do all these complex pages and be a student at the same time.

I wish I could draw your facial anatomy. D: Well, not YOUR facial anatomy, but in your drawings... you know what I mean. And your trapezius. Actually I wish I could just draw like you period XD
YOU ARE SO SLOW XD Of course I'm joking, and this is coming from someone who is incapable of having a webcomic at all.

I didn't know you had a contest. I want to enter, but that typically requires one to be able to finish a picture. It also doesn't help that from what I've experienced, I am incapable of drawing your characters. XD

Can't wait for the next page!
Random hand! XD I love random hands.

My goodness, took you long enough. Next time you get thwacked by a wet pool noodle.
Aha... well, that sucks. Obviously school takes priority, though, and it's not like you're going to stop drawing and improving.
Funny enough, I had been thinking about doing the same thing as your option months with Valley for a while not (except my situation isn't because of circumstances that completely prevent me from being available to do a webcomic, it's just a lack of perserverance). I personally think it's a great idea because you get to focus on one of your favourite characters without necessarily giving away spoilers, if you choose not to.
So, if I get a vote, it's for option 1. I'd suggest, though, that you wouldn't let everyone else choose the character; you know your characters better than anyone because you gave birth to them, therefore only you know which one you'd enjoy writing most, and which one will be the most interesting.
XD I love this page, the artwork is flawless. I love Zev's know-it-all attitude XD
XD Brave kid. I probably wouldn't stick my hand in that mouth.
Love the dynamic shading. Hate how you're grasping concepts I'm nowhere near understanding D<
XD It'd be a hell of a lot easier to make gift art if you had a character page with full-body head-to-toe colour references. Oh well, happy birthday. I'd like to promise you something, but if it happens it won't be soon. XD
September 7th, 2008
Oh dear, you and your alcoholic ways... (XD It looks fine)
Ahahaha! He has an earring on the right ear! You know what that means, don't you? XD Oh, wait, they're on both ears. Though I suppose that may be worse.
Good stuff. =D
Hooray for further attention on characters we don't see enough of. =D
XDDD Of course, good page as always.

But panel 3... is still good. It's just when I first saw it, I thought they were in bed, not at a table. The first thought that came into my head is "WOW, that was FAST."

Still, great as always. XDDD
OMF... Soo intense. It's awesome.

Yes, you totally pulled off the transformation gracefully, at least in my opinion. What most people do (at least from what I've noticed) when transforming from human to animal, particularly when it bares resemblance to a canine, is they try to blend what a human face looks like with the animals face and form a weird, deranged snout like thing that doesn't look right at all. I can say with ease you most definately didn't do that, and I love how it looks O______O
Ahahaha XD Love this because
1) Wow, that didn't take long; they managed to find her someone in one page. Is there something special about him or is he just a normal kid?
2) Takashi's choice of clothing. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Arrrrgh, you're getting good. D< It pisses me off.
Emotions are much better than I can wish to accomplish myself in this panel. D< Especially The last few panels. I'm psyched you're gonna shine some spotlight on one of the side characters for a bit (or at least that's what it looks like what's going to happen).

Enjoy vacation!
Poor poor Kyoku... XD
And I love how very emporer-palpatine that dude is.He's got the hood and hidden face and everything. Awesome.
Amazing, as always. I love how you draw the cartoon-like (I'm struggling to say chibi just to make saying it easier but I feel chibi is an understatement) versions of your characters. Such as in the first two panels.
Here's what I don't get - How do you manage to get such perfectly smooth lines with digital lineart when they're that thing? I just don't get it. 0______o Either ypu
a) Have been using a tablet your whole life
b)Spend like 10 minutes on one line
or c)Just have a really steady hand. Which is it? And what program do you use?

I totally think you're at a professional level now. Do you plan on self-publishing? You could seriously pull it off. I would more than willing to order it over the internet, personally. But you could make $$$ at cons.

Just my opinion.
It says you posted this at 2 AM. 0___o Are you another IBer that sleeps like 4 hours a night? :P
Anyhow, hope your party went well.
Costumes look great on this page, and your art is certainly looking more amazing than usual. You must have been practicing a lot 0____o
XDDD I'm sorry, I'm laughing my ass off at the first panel. It's good, as always, it's just the first though that comes to mind is "Parental abuse, much?" XD It is a wonderful page, though. Nice to see you updating again. =D
Pokemon: It's not that I assume everything black and white has to be computer generated. If you look at the background on this page, you'll notice it's black - PURE black. If this was inked completely traditionally, the lines on the silhouettes of the trees couldn't possibly be so perfectly clean and the pure black background would have some texture and not likely be visible as an absolute black when scanned onto the computer. If it was, you'd have to use a computer program to do so anyway. ^____^; No worries, I'm not oblivious to the fact that inking can be equally if not more beautiful when done through traditional media.
The inking is so amazing. O__O What program do you use? Not that it makes as much of a difference as the fact that you're obviously talented at it. Especially the hair; most artists don't pt in such beautiful realistic detail.