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I really don't like putting down my personal info online. I prefer you decide for yourself what my age and gender are.
Nephrite smells count: 3
How did this become a thing?!
.... >.> I have a confession. I never liked the R series. Not at all. I love the original, and the S series is my absolute favorite. And the Super-S was good. (Stars never came to America, but I read the manga of it). But I don't think I've seen more than 3 episodes of the R series.
Rini was just too damned annoying. Maybe chibiusa was better in the original, but I couldn't stand her before she got some powers.
So, on that note;

Who the hell are these women? Who's Koan? And who's this girl? Sapphire had a relationship? What?
Could be worse. Could always be worse, Jadeite. At least you didn't get run over by any jets this time.
I love Kunzite in panel 3. He looks like he did from the anime; at least, from some of the better-drawn episodes.
I'm going through for a second time to read the archives because I was on my phone the first time around and can't view alt-text there.
I've now got two tabs open with the comic in them, So I can read the comments and the replies right next to each other. Your replies have my sides aching, trying to stifle my laughter!

Nephrite smells count: 2
I also love Nephrite's jab at Zoisite in the 3rd to last panel. That's definitely Nephrite.
Speaking of Mamoru's profile, I was so busy with my birthday yesterday that I forgot to say: Happy Birthday Mamoru!
A comment about Nephrite's odor. Why is that a trend? Why him and not Jadeite?
And then it hit me.
Nephrite is TOTALLY the type to marinade himself in cologne! XD
I think that's sort of sweet that Kunzite was trying to hide it because he knows it's a sore spot with Zoisite.
Even if they're not an item anymore, I like that Kunzite still seems to care about the other kings.
"I'll get my hat"
Wait, he never WEARS a hat so.... so he's got an "ass-kicking hat" that is ONLY worn in the event of going to beat up entire branches of foreign banks??? O.o

Things were so much cooler back in his day, weren't they? o.o
That's zoisite. He teleports in and "Suddenly poof!" XD
OMG Minako, you BADASS! <3 <3 <3
Woah! Lunar Rabbit called it in the last page! I'm impressed!
Ok, SERIOUSLY GUYS? Is it just called Smas?? Or is that an acronym for something? Because -so help me -if NOT ONE of you has bothered to write out what it stands for and it's an acronym, I will HUNT YOU DOWN.
*One googling later*
You are all dead. Either this game is called Superficial muscular aponeurotic system, or I start flinging around death spells like they're party favors.
Is that the same girl as the waitress at the restaurant?
So that shopping trip FINALLY ended!
Though personally, I'm more than a little sad that Zoi/Kun is over. I'M disappointed that Zoisite's not even a little bit jealous.
I'm going to assume that Zoisite and Fisheye are STILL out shopping until I see one of them again.
The same trip.
It just never ends.
Leiji Shigeneru
As dry as I try to make my author comments, most of the time I'm stuck with thoughts like "this made me laugh" Or "I like that Dirk has a little arm hair. It's a nice touch."
While I appreciate the sex, WTF is going on? There's a plot here somewhere, I get this impression. But I can't seem to FIND the darn thing.
You are seriously gonna be swamped with these until the end of time. So go ahead and pick n' choose the nicest/most surreal suggestions!

The public Library! Drum kit! Tap dancing! Caramel Corn! Race cars!
Wow. This idea is SO much more epic than what my dirty mind would have conjured up for those five words.