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Apologies for the Delay
Yeah, sorry for the delay with this one. Had some things that I needed to sort out.
Yeah, it's something I decided to do from the start. Both of the main characters are nameless and as long as I can avoid ways to actually have them say each other's name, will remain so. Hopefully I can go through the rest of the comic's run without having them being named once.
Skipping Battles
The first couple oftimes I skipped the battles, there was a little yellow box saying "After a rather uneventful battle"

I just think that battles always make for theworst issues in Pokemon sprite comics
Ah, Refunds
This one was made after a particularly bad day at work. Actually had a drunk take a swing at me.

Weekend jobs, eh?
Yeah, my PSP went bust after ten months and Gamestation wouldn't take it back because it was "physical" damage.

... There wasn't a scratch on it.
Never, ever, take your Pokemoning online ... Ever
Brock Sucks
There's no way Brock could have become a Pokemon Master with that squad.

It must feel horrible to be the first easy stepping stone of every single trainer.

Still, guess it's not as bad as being an old gym leader who hangs around with, and cooks for, an annoying ten year old brat
The Squirtle left at Oak's has found itself a Trainer, and she's cute!

She's going to be very important to the plot and will play some major parts in future issues.
Once Again, With Feeling!
No trainers will ever go away from their spot, they seem to just sit in waiting, but if you beat someone, then immediately battle them again via VS Seeker, they seem to have magically healed all their monsters.
About Time
I pushed the story forward and decided it was about time they actually got into the Gym after their first badge.

I also found it odd that trainershave to battle. Why is it a must? Who'd care if they didn't?
After A Long Break
There was a long break in the comic's releases here, I didn't have an internet connection for a while so no comics got posted.

This was kinda an apology, I guess
Poor Silver
I was disappointed that Gold and Silver never got remade for the GBA, I also didn't like how everyone seemingly forgot all about Johto.
This was a quick cheap joke, but it works none-the-less, especially seeing as it's a different issue, it almost works like a flip book from the previous one in that effect.
Not A Milestone
When I started this I never expected to reach the tenth issue, so at the time it was a bit of a milestone for me.

Thankfully, it has continued and I'm still enjoying making them.
Pay Attention Now
A lot of people didn't get this issue. To be fair, this issue just sets up something that occurs later on.

I was willing to take a risk and set another issue a little ways into the future up because at this point I had faith I'd reach the point where it'd become relevant.
This Happened To Me
In real life, when Pokemon Blue first came out, I spent ages searching Viridian Forest for a Pikachu whereas my friend happily stumbled across several as I found none.

Because of that, this issue takes me way back, like eight or nine years back.
This is one of the jokes that I really wanted to make, but at the time I didn't know how long the comic was going to go on for.

So, I did this joke when I did simply so that I could put it out there regardless of whether the comic continued long enough to actually reach Celadon City.
Evil Nurse!
I always wondered exactly what it was the Pokemon Center got out of treating your Pokemon. I mean, you never seem to actually pay them.
Really Unreal
Here, I started shaping the style more by bringing in something from the real world - animal rights.

There are loads of things in the Pokemon universe that just seem wrong or out of place but are never questioned, by having a character who acts similar to a reader who lacks suspension of disbelief, I can mock things like the fact that in our world, anyone trapping wild naimals inside tiny balls and only letting them come out to make it fight to the point where it faints, would be locked up.
Oak's So Dumb
Finally, the characters get their Pokemon.

It was important for me to leave Squirtle unpicked. As it stood, the main character had an advantage on his sarcastic counter part, but if a third trainer were to enter the frame (which I was undecided on) he'd be in trouble.