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I can't help but wonder what kind of scheme... :'D<3 /shot
Name: Aslan Lazard
Age: 18 (3rd year)
Gender: Male
SO: Does he... even have one?
Likes: Loyalty, tomatoes, children, risotto.
Dislikes: Maintaining his hair, cats, peppers.
Info: A rather tall enough guy with a temper of a beast's to boot, his size and demeanor tends to intimidate the weaker of heart. He's not that bad of a person though! ...Sometimes. Aslan is not the most sociable with those that he has no reason to, but is willing to at least look at the person. He's blunt and loves loyalty, bravery, and little sushi rolls. One may think the guy's after power over something, but he's more interested in figuring out the quietest place to take his next nap during a skipped class period. However, should he find something he wants, he'll plow through like a bulldozer to get it. Aslan is also quite protective, so it's easy to get on his bad side and stay there for a good few lifetimes.

-He has a couple of friends that make up his "group" of sorts. They follow him around and are most likely somewhere near him, if not in sight. He doesn't let anyone touch them.
-Some call him a "king of beasts" in reference to a lion, but he's actually allergic to cats.
-The name of himself and his two friends are, coincidentally, related to the word/a lion in some way.
-His hair is naturally that messy, so it's quite a pain to maintain. The colors aren't real though.
-Father works on and off with his friend (an owner of a museum) and owns a well to do shipping company. His mother is a doll maker in her spare time, but regulary works with his father.
asjdfkl; AHHHH ;A;
--Also. Holy crap Neki. You got. Better. Since. The last time I saw. oAAAo
LOL, nah. xD It's probably just tea. Probably.
And perhaps indeed! c'8
Fffff yea. Since I came in late to the comic, I decided to just stick Bailey in the classroom early. -u-;; So she'll just hang there until class starts, and I'll do a comic again when they start 8Vd Yeaboi.
She'll rearrange the classroom back to normal once the bell rings lolol. ... I think. *stare*
... *_* YESSSSSS
Q_Q ajls;df sorry for kind of dying for a while-- orz School was winding down so I had to do a lot of work and tests;; But it's finally summer, so I can do stuff now xD;;
I can do page 23, if it's okay ouo;;
I love Gakupo's expression lol ;_;<3 You're really good with them xD
Name: Bailey Yamanashi

Age: 18

Specialty Genre: Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classic.

Teacher: Gakupo

Are You in the Club?: Yes.

Personality: Although Bailey may come off as being a calm, mature, and serious person, she is actually rather hyper and playful, even a bit childish. With an open personality, she jumps at the opportunity to make a new friend (or enemy) whenever possible. She loves funny things and people (like Gakupo, after seeing that Dancing Samurai video and all...) Bailey has a bad habit of being too curious and sticks her nose into other people's business, often getting her in trouble. An extremely persistant girl, she doesn't know when to stop unless firmly told, which can sometimes annoy people to the point of being an unpleasant presence. Bailey is also rather oblivious to atmospheres and other people's feelings...

History: Bailey was commissioned for a well-to-do family of wine brewers by a family friend to be an ever present companion of their daughter's. She was made to keep her company while entertaining her with song. The family and UTAU bonded closely over the years. However, Bailey had become such an idol and influence to the young girl that she began acting like the older woman, starting with singing. This mimicry began to escalate and the family's daughter took up wine drinking at the young age of 10. She became a heavy drinker, and eventually, her grades had slipped as well. Out of raged, humiliation, and disapointment, the girl's parents decided to send Bailey away for being such a terrible influence to their baby girl. And yet, they had grown so attached to her, as if she was their second daughter. So, they instead sent her off to Vocaloid Academy. Even after what happened to their real daughter, the parents didn't have it in them to say good-bye forever. They still wanted to stay in contact. This way, she could improve her singing, meet new people, and not be such a... bad influence on their daughter again. After this experience, Bailey now discourages unhealthy actions by others (although, she still drinks herself. Bit of a hypocrite there, huh?)

Character Item: Red wine

Extra Notes
•Her name comes from Muscat Bailey-A (a red wine grape that was developed in Japan) and the Yamanashi Prefecture (a main region in Japan for wine production.)
•Always eats well balanced meals. Snacks? Not so much.
•She has strange hobbies. Strange hobbies that she keeps relatively secret.

Whoooo, I really missed this collab, man. q_q SO HAPPY IT'S BACK AGAIN ;u;b An' yea. ... *nothing else to say rofl;;*
Amg when did this happen QAQ<3333 *NEEDS TO WORK ON AN APP*

Crescendo: ... Shut. Up. -_____-

Panel 3, Keitaro's hair looks like a wannabe-peacock chicken butt.
But yeah, basically, Spring's race's gender is determined by their first love (they become the opposite gender), to ensure that there is at least SOME chance for another generation (since that's most likely the gender they'll be interested in, their sexual orientation), because they have such a low birth rate. (As in, there is a normal chance for a child, but a very low chance for it to be a Child of Season, the overall race of Spring's.) And yea, that's just the basic description. I could go into more detail but I'm lazy and this was something that I came up with in a few minutes, so it's not complete yet. 8U

I was GOING to put both a male and female version of Spring, buuut decided I was lazy and cropped the female version sketch out. -u- So yea, maybe I'll do it later, maybe not. Depending on how things play out LOL. Also, idk how much I'll use this coloring style because it makes me tired õ_õ SO MUCH MORE WORK THAN USUAL.
BAWWWWWW ;u; *pets*
I may not like kids, but you made it look cute so it's an okay exception LOL -u-;
Name: Alduino Springs
Age: 18 (Apparently.)
Gender: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Race: Child of Spring's Embodiment
Likes: Plants, wildlife, food... etc.
Dislikes: (Uh...)
Alduino Springs, or just Spring, spends most of... its, time... uh. Well, Spring is mute. Little mouse-monkey-like spirits do the talking for it, reading the sign language Spring deals out. And although it may seem calm and cool at first sight, Spring is the rather lively type. It enjoys company, usually breathing a flower to life as a sign of affection/peace offering, if it likes you enough. Spring was raised in a desert area, hence the choice of clothing (which also comes in handy for winter).
The markings on Spring's face are reminiscent of beasts that it (supposedly) can summon.

Character is replacing Medea. Its first name is Alduino, Medea's surname, in honor of her or something like that. 8U
Name: Margaret Summerfield
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Graphics Design Teacher
S.O.: Lolno.
Race: ... idk 8'D
Likes: Teaching, art, guns, spaghetti, computers, etc.
Dislikes: Drama-llamas, chicken.
Apparently from France, her family is from a famous line of royal blacksmiths. Being the motherly-type, Margaret enjoys helping others and has a soft spot for the more distant/probably-going-to-fail-high-school-miserably students. Also, pretty strict, but has good intentions-- (I think). Margaret herself is an infamous gunslinger in her hometown, but this was more of a hobby. She decided to take classes in graphic design, and absolutely loved it. Soon, she found herself teaching at CHS as the graphics design teacher. "Don't fall asleep in my class, hun." bang. She'll shoot you if you misbehave.

Yes I know I didn't finish shading, TOO BAD.
@Venom: LOL mmm fruits 8U

@Bloomy: xDD Thanks! ;u;b<333
Crescendo: Oho? -u-
Name: Crescendo Bistre Lévesque
Age: Information has become unavailable after the many passing seasons. (In other words, he's old.)
Gender: FAG.
Occupation: Physics Teacher/Fencing coach for after school activities.
S.O.: Hey kids, let's ride the merry-go-round-- NO.
Race: Incubus/Human
Likes: Mahogany, insects, lots and lots of food, fencing, gambling.
Dislikes: You, his mother, sucubbus/incubus, his mother, suck-up, his mother, HIS MOTHER, HIS MOTHER. ('Kay maybe I'm over-exaggerating BUT WHO CARES 8U)
Quite the sarcastic, rude, and forever-happy-expressioned character, but he can be nice. Sometimes. Hates suck-ups because his family was pretty wealthy, which meant he'd often get people who wanted to "borrow money" or "hang out at the mall." He also nicknames students.
Prior to his occupation as a physics teacher, he was a RLY FAMOUS AMOUS FENCER or something like that and a wiz/addict at gambling, from day to night. Crescendo is not close to his mother, a succubus, AT ALL because she killed his father due to continous... "acts" that caused deterioration of his health. Which, in turn, caused Crescendo to reject his Incubus side. His mother remarried into Mahogany's family, however, it was unknown to them of the fact that Crescendo's family consisted of succubi/incubi.
Crescendo is the step-cousin of Mahogany, and keeps close to the boy in an attempt to shield him from Crescendo's family, if ever needed, and eventually developed an affection for him (How deep the level of affection is? Not sure).
AH! o: Hey, man! Yea! xD Nice to see you again too!
And thanks xD I really like your characters too *u*b They're really cool!