Life is being life, I will get on when I can!
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Maybe subconsciously, it was, but I don't remember it being intentional.
@WildfireK: Really? It takes longer to do, which is why I don't do it as often.

...I feel like my drawing style just regressed...
August 18th, 2017
Who needs gravity? ;3
August 18th, 2017
That's okay! I completely understand what it feels like to start a project feeling super motivated about it, then have the initial enthusiasm wear off once you actually start it.
I hope you find something you like to work on! ;3
@.The_Sof.: Whoops, sorry!
They are supposed to be quadrupeds, but I got lazy when making the lineart. ":3
Good luck! :3
(Also this drawing is amazing!)
I made some! You don't have to put them all in, I just made extra for practice. X) /
I revamped the design of a species I made in third grade, and decided to test it out.
They're called Fanged Rock Dogs~ (Because they like to live in the mountains, and mountains have rocks. RIP my third grade mind.)
Now we can start the main plot! ...Or is it the side plot? I guess that depends on your perspective! :D

Just a heads up, Chaper 2 is going to be really short. Like the length of Chapter 1, I think.
(It takes me two chapters to give you all the background knowledge and to introduce all the characters you need, RIP)
No Nico.
Bad Nico.
Help me protect this pure child named Nico.
-Waves paper fan-
Look I actually did something that I said I would do for once.
Shush Mid don't give out plot spoilers
That's a reference to the song Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, right?

'Cause that was my spring school play this year.
Who's talking???
@WildfireK: I broke up with the Pineapple and am now dating a Snek (again), but I didn't bother to put that on here because I've drawn it before and I was on the last page. XD
For honor and glory.
I couldn't remember who was still together, so I may have messed that up. And designs. I definitely messed some people's designs up, I just don't know who.
Apologies in advance! ^^"
I shall aid my fellow shippers in their honorable quest to return S.S. Ships to it's former glory!
As tribute, I shall ship myself with this pineapple!
Very sneaky, yes.