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@9rainbowtails: Huh, I thought I did..
Maybe I should make the reflection brighter.
@NOVFOX 13: She probably has like fifty of them in different styles hidden in her mane so she can change them out whenever she feels the need. X)
Silver went to Violet Town, lol.
I think he means like a SNEK but ten times cooler.
Aaand it turns out Skip's real reason for being abruptly dropped into the Pokemon world is so he can film a movie! :D
Can you guess what color their eyes are? It's plot related, and I'm not going to tell you until they get officially revealed! (Which starts in two pages, with Synergy, and ends whenever I finally decide to draw Flame's eyes, lol! (He got left out, somehow...))
Aaand the shiny version!
Free to use, no credit required! :)
Another one! :D
Free to use, no credit required. :)
@EeveeMaster21: Miku is going to kill everyone. ;v;

JK, depends on if Miku thinks Harmony is "competition".
We will see~ ;3

Also, as I forgot to mention this before, one of the characters has TWO DIFFERENT COLORED EYES! >:D
Mostly because I thought his design needed more pizzazz, lol.
Sorry about not updating for, like, a month.
Long story short, high school is hard and my teachers loooove giving out homework.

Anyway, now that you all have a rough idea of what these four look like, let's play a fun game!
It's called "guess the eye color of the characters".

Guess away! I want to hear what you think! :D
@Guest: Sky WAS male, or at least that's what Night seems to remember. That could have changed at the lab.

We don't know about Sora. I think the lab may have changed their gender/sex as well.

This seems to feed the possibility that they are the same 'mon.
@Dark/Light: Punishment, yes, but likely not PUNishment~ >:3
Why must he PUNish this poor Gyarados so?

Do you think this constitutes as cruel and unusual PUNishment?

*Runs for life*
@WildfireK: Snootsnoot footfoot
Feet feet feet feet feet feet