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I’ll do my best to smile, like you taught me to... ~Senior Past

All that matters is that we are here! We smile, we laugh, we play! We are immature, we mess around, we have fun! We are together, for now, so let us enjoy it while it lasts! ~Freshman Frens


Word Bank:

Snealth - To sneak stealthily
"Don't you just hate it when those airplanes snealth up on you?"

Kickshank - To stab or puncture someone with your foot
"Every time someone opens a door I expect them to be shot or kickshanked.."
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Gretchen looks like she's had a run in with mysterious visions as well, maybe?
I love the expressions in the first panel asgdhfghk
An experimental style piece, featuring two creatures of an as-of-yet unnamed species.
Absolutely zero regrets hehehe
Wow I love those pokemon with the stabby things on the side of their heads, they're my favorite!! :D
sometimes you just gotta draw the sad
Kitty!!! :O
Wally does not care about your pitiful currents! :D
@WiispNightmare: We just don't know! :D
@WiispNightmare: I think you are referring to the collective health of all existing life! :D
@Aura9301: Silly, I was up until 4:00 drawing humans! Nothing to worry about!! :)))
@WiispNightmare: No you are you and I am me so I am telling you that you are you! :D
It's true!
...protecc the blep fawn child
That's unfortunate.. I hope everything gets better for you! :(
She looks,, so offended,,, xD
November 22nd, 2018
uh ohs