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Life is being life, I will get on when I can!

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Snealth - To sneak stealthily

Kickshank - To stab or puncture someone with your foot
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Sorry about the error evryone! Should be fixed now!
Matches the wings AND the belly! :D
@WiispNightmare: He thinks he is scary, he is really just a giant bean.
aka everything my dad "cooks"
@Anon: Telling someone about their problems without offering any sort of advice or solution is not helping in any way, shape, or form. You are merely complaining about something while not offering to help, like a spoiled child when things don't do their way.

If you really cared, they why don't you offer more than accusations and complaints?

If you believe that what you are doing is right, and for the better, they why leave comments 'Anon'-ymously? Clearly you are afraid of something, or someone.

I never assumed you were a 'bitch', as you say, I only questioned the reasoning behind leaving comments after it had been proven that such were unwanted, as such behavior is often a sign of a person who wishes to make others feel bed for their own pleasure. Your providing of vague answers only makes me warrier.
@Guest: Then if your intentions are only a shade of light grey, then you wouldn't mind telling me what they are?
And, how do I know you will tell the truth? Your 'Guest' name changes between replies. Your sentence structure is too refined to have you be a passing comic fan.
So then: why do you hide behind that anonymous butler icon? Why don't you have an account? Or, if you do, why won't you use it? You said yourself that your intentions were not ill, so what do you have to fear?
@Anon: Fuck off and leave my friends alone, if you will pardon my language.
If you wrote something that needed to be deleted, then you are likely not wanted around. :)
I'm good at those! :D
@-FluorescentScales-: hmmmmmmmmmmm... *think emoji*
@Sky207: He's a good boy~
@ShadowStalker1128: Probably the people who got a Dragonite / Charizard from a trade, let it out of it's Pokeball to make sure they got an actual Dragonite / Charizard, and were faced with a very angry / emotionally unstable dragon who could potentially kill them,,, xD
Dragonites are guardians of sailors. In the wild they live in the ocean.
What does he see? I do not know! :0
<s>well i mean i do but</s>
Remember when I asked you guys what you thought the main cast's eye colors were?
Y'all got pranked, Lunar is heterochromatic. xD
Behind You
At Whose Under
Mined You

Seriously though... Who's that Pokemon?!?
I never knew daylight could be so violent
*pokes the queue*
Is this thing on??