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September 16th, 2016
Poor nameless dude. After this, I won't be surprised if he chucks off towards the desert to live as a hermit.
What exactly is he doing in there anyways?
I love the idea of No. 1's blade arms. Also, as time goes on, all characters start to grow on me so it just gets harder for me to pick a favorite. I did like Domino the best in the beginning though. His eye patches befuddled me and I was intrigued. Then again, I'm intrigued by everyone. So many questions about their pasts you know?

I think the superpowers being called colors thing is pretty unique. However, I bet the whole "colors as in colors" and "colors as in superpowers" thing can get pretty confusing in conversations.

My favorite moment was when the mystical bird shat on Domino's head. I thought something important was happening and that inversion of expectations just came out of nowhere. Gave me a great laugh.

And The one thing that was off to me was the transition at the beginning from the desert house to the help service building. I didn't think the black 16 hours later page allowed the scenes to flow as smoothly as it could've. It would have been better if you left that page out since page 11 is enough for the reader to infer that time has passed and 4 and 1 are already finished though that's just my opinion.

Also, sorry for the dump of words here. I just had so much to tell that it sort of got out of hand. ^_^'
Wha? I thought that everybody naturally spoke the language of the dead or something once they died.

Dang it. Now I wonder what Grayson is doing in a the english-speaking section of hell.
The gracefulness of that ostrich is beautiful.
The skeleton is my favorite character now.
Pffff freaking Quin.
What's up with all the space-oriented insults?
Woah. Laser math skills right there.
I don't know whether to hate the guy or love the guy.
Welp, I'm hooked.
April 27th, 2016
Hey guys what happened to Domino???

But seriously. If they don't win, somebody's going to have to "visit" the inner circles of Hell.
April 19th, 2016
Holy cruuudd that is so cool! Super strength has nothing on Porcupine-knife arms.

Also, does everybody in Hell have a color?
@The Missingno. Master: Well technically Fish defeated one clefairy.

The clefaries just sort of took care of themselves after that.