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Name idea
A good name would be, imo, 'Sansasinol Comics: Christmas with the Sans's part 1 eyes' and part 2 'assistance?' x3
Love the comics btw xp
Its ok
Its alright we all have irl stuff that gets in the way of things cuz that's how life is X3 loving all this btw so keep up the good work and feel free to take your time when life gets ya XP cuz we your readers aren't dead yet xp
fun ^w^
this is funny and no worries this just seems like a small side comic break from the normal one for me right now kinda like some mangas have short funny comics in the back or in-between a few chapters like ive seen at lest a few times x3 lol im just loving all of this btw xp
*you die laughing
X'D omg Geno X'D pfffft X'D i cant stop laughing xp
@Naiko: no problem X3
no Sans dont do it i agree with Frisk there must be a better way dont do it DX lol im getting to into this lol xp well done X3
the puns are strong these past 2 pages X3 love it X'D XP
Aww looks like some flower don't like puns xp lawl
Ooooo scary but cool x3
You are abit bad at English mi d my being blunt but I'm understanding it so no worries X3 it's pretty good thus far your ideas are pretty cool and you art LOVE IT! ;3 well back to reading loving this thus far xp
lol X'D this was quite humerus! X3 keep it up xp
oh boy Geno why lol thats a creepy pannal X'D
more please XP