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Two in a row? Already?
This second comic is far less wordy than my original second comic. It's been such a long time since I went back to that, I had forgotten I had B0T go out of his way to describe everybody in a 9 panel fiasco. As soon as I decided on their living quarters I had to come up with how everything was laid out. I knew I wanted the hallway in the back to lead to Reggie and Steven's rooms, but I wasn't sure where I wanted to put the exit door, putting it just past the wall that is Turk's room made sense to me. The area towards the computer speaker thing is where B0T's room is, as well as his workshop. Past the door Grey and Turk went through is a foyer that I don't have a background for, but it's pretty much gonna just be the other side of that arch, and the glass doors we'll see next comic, possibly an elevator because I might have people live above them.

Anyway, as soon as I made Grey and Turk 200% instead of 300% at their doorways, I knew the end of the hall had to be at 100%, and I knew I wanted to have Reggie check on the ruckus. Everything else just sort of fell into place.
Aaaaaaand We're back
It's been a long time... man, I remember when I said that about missing a few months, but anyway I've decided to bring Project Fishbowl back from the dead. This is the first page of the reboot, and I plan on getting rid of the old comics, or possibly archiving them somewhere.

Part of the reason I got held up in the first place was that I didn't have a background for the base of operations for the Fishbowl group, and after some poking around BGHQ and some editing, this is what I've come up with. It will probably change as time goes on, right now I want to drive home the fact that they're practically broke so they can't afford to decorate. Although, they CAN afford to have retractable beds I guess. And a computer that runs the whole building. I think I know where all their money went.
Bright Man just threw me off way too much, other than that all of mine were pretty close to the final order
September 19th, 2013
Welp, this just completely messed up my order. I was only one off for everyone else so far.
What about those four yellowish pixels in panel 11?
Now all I can think of is Juiced and Claus racing Segways through a mall.
I spy a coloring flaw on Heatdoc's shoulder drill thing.
This has got to be Eli's greatest plan ever.
So Proto Mojo is what happens when Fedora DJ and Sunglasses Mad combine.
I figured there was some explanation to Light being that crazy. He's not actually Light.
Skippy is the best character in the entire show. I hope he never gets fired.
@DHK1989: No, it's the 4th title, but the third title change.
Times like this make me miss the Ponderosa comics.
I'm also sticking with my Claus prediction.
Welp, Claus is gone.

@QJD- It's a balance game and she would need to essentially stand on her back two hooves for the whole challenge. It's not a matter of simply holding the stick, I believe.
@Galarin: Nah, I'd say "We Can Defeat Everyone"
I wonder if we'll get yet another name change in a few comics.
Crisco's Gonna find one of their idols, isn't he?
I agree with Mad, that's getting pretty old.
Top row reminds me of: