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You know what they say about curiosity, right?
Guest Comic- Robek
Hey guys! I apologize that there isn't a comic for Pestilent today. I've been working on a lettering gig that had a deadline tonight. To make up for it, here is a guest comic by Robek (Link: ). Thanks Robek! Comic will resume as normal next week!
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Page 21
The only reason they stopped calling him “Pad Pirate” was because he got a bloody nose playing soccer, which led to his sister giving him tampons to shove up his nose to stop the bleeding. Thus, the era of the “Pad Pirate” ended and the reign of the “Tampon Terror” began. Thanks, Bethany.
Page 20
I want coffee...
Page 19
Ahhh! Thanks for your patience and sorry for the page delay! <3
Page 17
Oh heck no! NOT AGAIN!
Page 16
Hmmm...What is this?
Page 15
Bumping up the saturation from now on to compensate for my cintiq to mac blahness.
Page 14
:-O Gasp
Page 13
Straight to the point, huh?
Page 12
Fully colored- updated! Thanks for your patience!
Page 11
Tristan is going to get smacked if he keeps this up.
Page 10
Tristan, please stop teasing the poor guy!
Page 9
Threes company
Page 8
This page was a BEAST. I'll be correcting any mistakes (like Tristan's magical disappearing pocket)/making a few touch ups in the next day or so.
Page 7
Alas we meet...Tristan. :-)
Page 6
Had the hardest time uploading this one to the original website. >:( Ahh Formatting issues.
Page 5
Woooooo...Just a dream...I actually had a lot of nightmares last night myself.