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I have a question. What if someones eye color was mixed with brown? Would it then become a competition of which one has more visibility?
What the hell did Team Rocket do...? ...Did they end up driving some of the kids insane, like the last one we saw? Damn 5ive, you definitely drawn out a good story.
hmm... Faye type?
He was about to say man, right? The question would be, WHAT was Colress referring too? His gender or his species?
Oh, your getting Persona 5? Have fun with your first night in the Velvet Room!
*laughing silently in the background*
Zane sounds good!
"Purple and blue? I am not aware of any machina with that colour scheme."
Says the one with a half brown half purple scheme. xD
Eon, we could care less about TEA (Well, most of us anyway), we care about YOU. If you need time, take all that you need. Don't worry about updating comics, care for yourself. Hope you get back on your feet!

Might I say that this is, what, gen 2, 3? Fomantis wouldn't be in the region (unless the creator magically spawns one in, like with the Articuno incident) But anyway, I'm for Minun.
My brother did almost the same thing. He first said 'Wait, is that a chocobo?' 'Holy shit, its a giant chicken. Yep, chocobo.' then continued to try and sneak up on it to see if he could hack it and ride it. He almost died xD

The normal scenario with that line :3
Seriously though, that last panel made me laugh so much that I got looks from my family XD
I wonder why Tyson is acting that way...
I guess we will find out in due time.
...Is...his ENTIRE. PLAN. to do THIS, and if he even SURVIVES, HES WHO HE THINK HE IS?! THESEUS, TOO FAR!!
The guy from page 15 who was mortified by the other guys death, that's who he is I'd say Hazumirein.
Miris, maybe?
Chapter 4, Page 2?
Well...uh...that's fun. (Talking about the eyes)
February 13th, 2017
Hey Saturn! Perfect timing.
February 12th, 2017
Agreed, but remember, this is in the past. Shes still alive xD
January 21st, 2017
...Is she a Klepto?