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Violet Delerious
I love writing, though I haven't really explored my abilities at comics yet. If there's an illustrator/artist out there who feels like helping me out, that'd be awesome, but don't feel obligated. I'm mostly here to read. :P
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I wish I could like comments XD
Cort looks adorable in that second panel!!
Awwww 💛💛 I see a bonding moment coming up
Asoro's face gives me life he's so cute!!
I love how you move this story along. The thought put into the actions and words is outstanding. I love this story so much. Keep up the fantastic work, guys. 💛
Your hover text made me giggle too hard I feel bad xD
Awwww he's so concerned!!! What a sweetheart
@lewarriorstar: that's my guess man
Wow you've written this so well. I'm really immersed in the story and I love it, however sad it gets. A+ dude
I love his sandles
Me too charlie xD
I love that outfit omg
Violet Delerious
November 26th, 2018
I think they're my favorite character omg
Aww buddy. That boy needs the hugs
I can't look after you if I'm not looking at you
Omg she's so cute!
This is so beautiful. I love the colors