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A guy who spends all his free time despairing over his terrible artwork and likes to draw card games a lot.

For those who want to chat on Skype, my username is "SilivaX".
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Hiya! It's been two years. I've had the storyboards for the end of the chapter sitting on my hard drive for some time now. Knowing now that I'll probably never finish these pages, I'd like to at least... not leave the last page off in the middle of the chapter.

Instead, have this cliffhanger for this duel that probably won't happen. Sorry that it had to end this way!

Back in 2013, life got kind of complicated. I got busy with school, my laptop/tablet broke, and the 09 team grew further apart... it was a lot of little things that snowballed into a big thing.

It was blast having this comic as a part of my life for four whole years, from 2009-2013. Throughout this story's ups and downs, I'm glad you were all here to enjoy it with me.

I'm still fairly active on Twitter @Siliva if you'd like to keep up with me, and other sorts of projects I'll be working on!
For the first time in like year and a half, we have a duel going. And it feels good to draw them again. Especially for this arc.

Cosmo is a character that came about from ColdKlaus wanting the card Cosmo Queen to get used. Cosmo's a giant fruitcake, so it'd only make sense for him to worship a trading card with his name in it, right?

And Sakima's facepalm is just how we all feel...

(also, I turn 20 the day after this comic goes up! O:)
@Cave: YES. Me and AoiTsukihime effin' LOVE Beyblade. I don't even care how bad it is. /fangushes

Since this is a tournament, which a good share of crowd scenes, expect lots of random references to other stuff, everyone! 'Cuz I'm a cheeky li'l artist `v`
@Sol: What, Cosmo being a fruitloop or the G-Revolutions? 8D
Uploading this early because I was about a day late with Monday's page.

As you can tell, I'm having my fair share of fun with our fruit boy, Cosmo here. And Sakima's faces, lol.

(...Is that the G-Revolutions making a random background appearance?)
This page is pretty late. The kids convince Taisuke and Sakima to go with them to the duel they're gonna go see!
@Cave: Thank you! It's always encouraging to get a new fan! Especially one that comments. I bet you know how that feels. XD

By the way, how did you discover it?
We switch scenes for a little bit. Taisuke harasses some kids, like the responsible adult he is. But the kids are going to see a duel with the new duel disks!

Taisuke and Sakima have a lot of those kinds of exchanges like they did in this page. It's kind of fun!
@Sol: You heard me. It's the final arc. We'll be on it for years, though!

Between you and me, the series was originally longer. But trust me when I say it's for the best to shorten it. XDD
Azuki lays down a challenge!

I missed Friday's update, so another page should be up later today!
Azuki seems to be waiting for some people. The preliminaries have already started, and she seems to be getting hit on by some fruity looking guy? Huh...
A double page spread as the chapter cover, in epic color! The showdown between Aurora and the Duel Agents starts here! The battlefield for their showdown is the Zerum Tournament! We had the setup. Now get ready for some of the biggest duels this series will have to offer.

And yes, this is the final story arc. Don't worry, it'll take us a while to go through it. And it's all awesome.
Updates now on Mondays and Fridays.

We're back, ladies and gentlemen. The tournament begins, with a quick introductory on the rules, explained by our incredibly cute MC.

Trust me when I say this won't be your usual tournament arc. Sorry for the hiatus. School got really bad. I've been using my summer so far to try and get a buffer of pages built up. Are you ready? Let's go!
March 10th, 2013
@kayiu102: Thanks for the comment!

Their plan is a little more complex than HEY LET'S BLOW STUFF UP! Though it might be a while before what it is actually makes sense.

And yes, more dueling ahead. Loooots of dueling ahead. We had to take a big break from it just to get set for all the duels~ (okay not really)
February 26th, 2013
Alright, this chapter is finally done. And it only took like 8 months. Phew. Let's hope we never have to wait that long for a chapter finish, okay? I can only do my best!

I have no idea when the next chapter will start. There's a lot of work left to do on it, and of course I want to make sure it's the best chapter yet. My own estimate would be somewhere around late March or early April, but what do I know.

I'd like to get back in the habit of having a lot of pages done in advance, so I may take time to just draw up a lot before posting things.

Sit tight, and hopefully we'll see you all soon!
February 16th, 2013
Sakima seems rather pumped! The new mission is about to begin, and with it a new story arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 09 saga!

I'm starting to get pumped myself. See you Thursday!
February 16th, 2013
So we get an explanation on those sisters. Plot! They seem scary. Looks like Sakima and Azuki have some big shoes to fill. Katsu doesn't really appreciate Xiao talking about them though.

See you Monday! We're almost done.
February 16th, 2013
Baku comes out of nowhere, and makes it all awkward for Azuki. Sakima seems to be the overprotective type, huh?

To what sisters does Baku refer to?

See you Thursday.
Filler! I forgot I made this (I may have even released this before...don't remember!). I was bored while working on this page and just messed with all of the lines.

Yeah. .__.
January 25th, 2013
@Sol: WELL TOO DAMN BAD--I mean uh, please look forward to it.

@super chao: No, it's just you. We actually just switch out artists over every few pages, each slightly more skilled than the last.