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Even a perfectly gay man can disrespect a female authority while fearfully submitting to the (meaner) male authority
The reason we still need feminism
What's with all the cats?!
I feel like a lot of people fucked up their escape plan, and yet nobody was killed. Maria, I'm calling your bluff. This whole "I'll kill you if you get in the way" thing is B.S., you're a softie.
The cube can still see you
Anger, anger, anger... mood stabilizers
So this family just kinda has a tendency to birth demon children without a demon parent?
Talk about a crappy recessive trait
I love the second to last panel. "Oh, hello other shoe."
Are Mal and Norrland boys or girls? Hard to tell because Norrland is a kid and Mal is thin and (homeless?)
So I just caught up on reading this again.

And seriously this comic is genius.
The illustration isn't crazy complex but it is so effective, and the emotions and everything are so perfectly clear. And the story, too -- it's sad but also heartwarming and funny and adventurous!
But gosh, without Jackie's relentless determination and super-bright cheeriness (and ridiculously adorable everything) this comic would be too sad to read.
I had wondered how Cher could know a word like monopolize. Wonder what context that came up in!
Butt tattoo on Kylee?
Quin's jacket hanging hah
But the title of this page... Oooh, chills.
Aaron Andermadas
July 26th, 2017
I was unknowingly subscribed to both of your webcomics! You sly dog, you.
Anyway it's good to see you're updating again, can't wait to see where this goes.
Woah I love the hot and cold color scheme on this page, like we just switched worlds
I'm more concerned that that dog is gonna become a "random assorted meat"
Aww, somebody's a snuggler!
The other stuff written in that paper O=