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Ill tell ya later...
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Hahahahaha, a love this comic, scrubs is great and this joke is legandary :D well done
Ill make an intro soon, doing some work at the momment
im glad to see a rebirth time to apply
Im definatly Back
Just a small filler to show tell you how ave been away but now I have returned :D
Where have i Been?
Hey guys sorry i havent update but my life has been hectic with exams and getting job and other stuff but i hope to update more and keep the boozerism coming :D
Lol, aww sora, never trust small blonde girls who can take to cards
lol, brings me back to my old pokemon watchin days
"For the last goddamn time, I. HATE. YOUR. FREAKING. GUTS!"
Nice rain effect looks great
Ive just started to read this comic and you guys bet me to it.
i was going to make a BB author comic but you have already done it.
good comic btw
woo multi coloured rave flash
Lol "It make me feel like i forgot to do something.."
great comic
Haha, go f**k yourself sora :P
I updated my sprites a little by adding some costumes.
i don't have the power to upload any comics
hey guys,
sorry i havnt been updating, my exams are still on from now until, may 23rd. i will try and update in th 2 weeks holiday i have but time is limited.