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hello dearly beloved.
the name's sean and drawing's my game.
lookin' to collab? give me a shout.

somethings aren't just meant to be.
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happy december!
this is a little three panel strip we did for PORTAL magazine (local university magazine.) sim0x has some sort of vague connection to the magazine (a class or something?) and he got us a spot within the many pages of the said magazine.

no need to mention that i'm pretty stoked to have my very first printed publication of box. it's very exciting. very exciting indeed!

so come thursday, there should be an actual update.

though i think this one is pretty good as well.


PS: and yes, the page looks wonky.
sorry guys.

the script came in on time, everything was good to go, but i was just too busy this week. lots of family stuff was going on and i couldn't really find a nice time window to really put some work toward the comic.

just another note, we will be cutting "questions" out of the update rotation (although i think it was gone a looooooong time ago,) BECAUSE, we are going to start publishing little three panel box. shorts in the local university newspaper! keep checking back on thursdays though, i might have a comic for you. =)

if enough people want to see the newspaper strips, we'll figure out a way to get those strips accessible to everyone as well.

November 20th, 2009

so this is the new comic, thought i'd try something new.

hope you like it. couple things:

1. lately, i've been thinking about moving box. to its own home on the internet. we've been here at SJ for quite a while, and well, it might be a good idea right? so, if you go to the BLOG there is a poll on the right. if ya feel like donating your opinion, vote!

2. sorry the comic is a day late, i recently upgraded my computer and i've been addicted to high-def movies and computer games...

that seems to be about it.

okay, so i screwed up a little on the uploading process, forgetting panels entirely.

but! hey it's on time, click here to read this book from the beginning.

this comic is great. not only is it the twentieth book, it's just simply well written. simox. did a wonderful job with the script (and showed off too much i think,) and me, i like to think that i managed to create something that's quasi-pleasant to look at.

did i mention that it's on time?

i thought i had more to talk about but i really don't.

so this is what happens when you rush during upload.

you forget panels.
screwed up the upload.
guess who is
on time. =)
many apologies once more for being late, but at least it didn't take five months right?

things have been going pretty well over here at box. (other than my lack of punctuality) the comics are being written every week, and we're having a great time.

i seem to have picked up a few new readers today, and that really makes me happy. getting new readers is always what keeps me going, and i believe it to be the most rewarding part of all. thank you all for your support. =)

(now go tell your friends.)

next comic will be up sometime next week, possibly on thursday.

til next time.


I MEANT PENTAGIRL.. =_________=
nothing you guys aren't used to.

apologies. =(
this page.
is actually here so people can't peek at the ending.
happy belated halloween!
sorry this comic didn't make it up last night. simox. and i got together and we ended up just getting intoxicated instead of working on the comic. there is no excuse, we apologize.

hope everyone had a safe, fun, profitable halloween. =)

October 30th, 2009
glad you liked it! =)

thank you for the comment! =D
October 30th, 2009

October 30th, 2009
don't have a costume idea? wasn't planning on wearing a costume at all?

well, stop right there, and put a box over your face.

for halloween, i will be dressing up as box. and maybe simox. will dress up as simox. so why not you?

IF you feel up to the "challenge" or if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, you know you will dress up as your own box. and take pictures. =)

i think it would be fun, and cool to see all of you as box.

ingredients for the costume is as follows:
- 1 box that fits over your face.
- 1 elastic that will be tight enough to hold the box over your face.
- 1 stapler to staple the ends of the elastic on the box that goes over your face.
- 1 magic marker to draw the eyes on the box that goes over your face.
- wear whatever you want. =)

just a suggestion.. you know.. whatever.. >>

if anyone does decide to do so, please send me an email at: i.smud.u(at)gmail(dot)com
October 30th, 2009
the script read: "fucked up thing with papers, socks and buckets of guitar picks"
October 30th, 2009
technical difficulties resolved.
hello everyone. rhee over here.

i kinda left you guys hangin' with that title page for about couple weeks i think, and i apologize. but this time! it wasn't because i forgot, or was being lazy, so you guys can't get mad. =)

i was talking to simox. last night, and we've decided, (to make up for lost times,) to upload three days in a row. that's right. three.

today is day one of those three days. tomorrow we will be uploading a Halloween strip (just like i did last year,) and then come sunday, there will be a question update as well.

that oughta make up for the two weeks we missed right?

it's good to have a working tablet again, it really is.

once again, if you haven't checked it out, click on BLOG on the navbar up top, and it will take you to our blog, full of anger, angst, and sometimes funny things. cuz that's what blogs are like right?

i'll be seeing you all tomorrow once again. =)

October 30th, 2009
rant on last page.
October 10th, 2009
so i missed the thursday deadline, and i'm going to tell you right now, that i'm going to miss the sunday deadline as well.

the reason?

my tablet is malfunctioning. and, you might be asking "well, you made the cover didn't you? why not the whole thing?" yes, i did make the cover, but notice, the slight "off-ness" of the text, and even the slight offness on box. himself. something is wrong with my tablet where my pen strokes aren't coming out the way they should. it's hard to explain but it's almost as if the contact between the pentip and the drawing area is delayed.

i'm working hard to fix it, and i hope to possibly have it up and running for monday or next thursday.

secondly, i added a new link up on the navbar ^^^^^^^^^ "BLOG." i don't know if anyone recalls, but i had a blog for box. a while back, but it never really went anywhere. well, the blog is back, and me and sim0x. are both posting on a regular basis. it's like a way for you guys to keep up with us on our offdays. =) go check it out if you feel the need to read about our lame lives.

once again, i'm sorry about the delay. but here's a cover to get you all stoked for this comic.

hope to upload soon.

October 6th, 2009
HEY AL-EE! nice to see you again. =)