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I love to Draw Read and Write.

Food is great.

Manga rules.

I love you ^_^

your right its flipping awesome!
lol man this is great. I will assist with the revival!
haha this is sweet. you dont suck at all!
this is bloody cute! i have to update soon! Great pages before too! AWESOME
niicee lol i love her already
ooh cool update, but im a little confused as to whats going onnn
no waayy! this is freakin awesomeee!!!
lol omg love it. Had no idea how much bk hates being pettt
UHm....IDK but who cares anywayz!
Uhm yeah, totally confused right now, thought since we were in an alley and there was like a human maybe we werent all on the ship yet. Oh well. >_<

anywho. Heres my page. >_>""

Numi will pet everything. And in the first panel he's sharing cake with BK. >_<
oh...shit... i have no idea where people are. oh well gonna post my page anyways.
"Can you come with me?" lol this is LOVEEE
EEEH! this looks FABB. You drew Numi really awesomely...

The last panel has some meaning....its nice.
wow wow! great bio! I really love his outfit >_<
@ oopsy: OMG they could be relateeedd
wow! i love her! she matches numi with that green >_<
Old and half eaten cake is still cake!~

Numi Numi's first encounter. lol
aww this is mega cute