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Just another commentator. Nothing to see here.

...But thanks for coming anyways! Have a great day~
SWING AND A MISS. Good try though, Clarissa.
So wait. It's ET/Ethan/Ernest (the E's) vs Deimos/Ria/Sagittaria (the Platoon) with Kasai in the middle? or is it more Ria/Ernest/Ethan (the Future) vs Deimos/ET/Sagittaria (the Past) with Kasai in the middle? Because that's as bout as far as I've gotten. Either way, doesn't look good for Deimos and Ernest.
Oh. I never noticed the gray hair. But yup. There is indeed gray hair there. Oh nooooooooooo I feel sad and terrible for her.

In other news. I am actually intrigued at the ET Ethan experiments. Mars Attacks is pretty cool, but I have not seen Killer Klowns from Outer-Space. Should I? I think I should.
ME? Panic attacks? NEVER. I can't breathe. Just gimme a moment. Oh my.

Lul. And Frysk is not pleased with having to deal with kids. Lul.

How dare you hit my weakspot, SWSU. I cannot say no to big eyes of amazingawesomitude like that. She needs a pat on the head and a slap of cynicism. But mostly the pat on the head.
Like, midway through Nayla doing her pitch I was like yooooooooooo can she pull it off? But then she broke down in the middle of it and got all introspective about the stuff that's been eating her up. Happened to me a few times. O.o

Not quite the turnout I was expecting even if it resulted in the same outcome. Kind of a feelgood moment, but I was wondering how the vote would have turned out had she stuck to her guns and figured questions about herself and the future can wait; there's a game to try and win?
Deimos I'm pretty sure is safe... unless he tries to be repentant again and offering to quit in lieu of anyone else, he's staying. In fact, it just seems odd to even consider him an evil dude without having more than personal testimony of him having done evil stuff... like he's repenting for having stolen someone else's lunch from the fridge. My overly curious nature wants to see some of that evilness spill out just enough to see just how deep-dark-evil-nasty his power really is. Methinks that day is quickly approaching.

Nayla's the most likely one to be going. Unless she manages to wriggle free of the vote and getting someone else to take the fall (Yessi or Deimos) she's toast. Sagittaria and Claire both want her out, Deimos likely will follow, Yessi might still throw her vote away, Shin and Ethan could be swayed to vote with Nayla... but probably won't since numbers are important.

And Yessi is too naive to be a threat. Part of me wonders if she's ready to be taken advantage of by some other 'seemingly nice person' after Nayla... a tagalong vote for someone more savvy and cutthroat, while being ridiculed as a coattail rider. Sadness. :(
I still kinda like Frysk. Just in an 'at arm's length' kinda like, which is probably what he prefers anyways. He got on Clarissa's good side, being a good soldier that does what he's told... which isn't exactly a good thing. Hope he can break out of that, but I kinda doubt it.

In other news; who's going home? Uhh... Probably Nayla? But there's maybe an outside chance of Deimos? Kind of slim, but possible. Need more info to see the stage being set!
Don't worry, ET. You're young and stupid. Most people don't grow out of the stupid part. I know I haven't! :D

Oooh. Nolaa plans on taking out Clarissa and her idol? Looking back in previous comics, it probably was around when Clarissa started talking about it being better working alone. And Clarissa is definitely a scary kind of threat with the arrogance to back it up. But if her telling Ernest to talk to Nolaa because she's not her therapist is planned... what the hell is Clarissa thinking? And intentionally getting under Ria's skin?

I think Clarissa's planning on using her idol to make a very calculated shot, perhaps anticipating the others to vote against her and try to flush the idol. But against who? Ernest? Atlas?

Well, unless ET and Nolaa hashing out their differences wasn't part of her plan. I dunno at this point.
I all of a sudden don't trust Atlas. I mean, hurray for being an adult and proposing that ET and Nolaa talk things over. But like... that's some major deus-ex-machina for Atlas being in the right place at the right time. And Ria spilling the beans to boot? I'm worried.

But also I feel like wanting to hug all these people now. Look at Ria! I don't want her having a panic attack. Those are pretty bad. She needs love and affection.
Ethan, snarking to those that were on the top and now on the bottom aren't usually in the mood for jokes. But keep doing it anyways, it pleases me.

Nayla's on the bottom, and with Sagittaria holding the idol (or Claire I dunno who exactly has it) she's lashing out on her only 'ally', and even calling her that is a bit of a stretch. I'm hoping whatever plan she's thinking of is worth the effort, because it's probably her only shot on sticking around.

I feel bad for Yessi. She's beating herself up for being in such a terrible spot that wasn't her fault, and like... girl come on. There's a way towards freedom and salvation! Take it! Take it take it take it take it take it! But I also get the whole 'not wanting to hurt someone that trusts you thing' and really, Yessi's the only one that can really help Nayla. Like her name kind of alludes to, I think she just can't say no to other people. Poor thing.

Claire has moved up in the world, and I dunno how I feel about it. She's smart and maybe a little bookish, but she could be terrifying later on. Especially with Shin as a partner-in-crime! Maybe it's just me, but I find the more wild and crazy people more... reliable in how they'd act, compared to the quiet and potentially sneakier types. Yeah, pretty sure it's just me.
Dude, I want one of those fancy watch thingies. Think it has internet access?
Maybe Sagittaria can finally get some of that exposure for the cameras now? C'mon, I want some of that juicy backstory. Naaaaaaaaoooooo
The Watson in me is leaning Kitsunie going, but the Doylist in me is saying Sagittaria has less to offer to the narrative.

Hmm... I dunno. It's a tough pick.
I need to know MORE about the history of Frysk and Kitsunie. Also Sagittaria and Ria. And I want to know sooooooooooon.
Wow, rude Nolaa. Ria does indeed do stuff. Sorta. OK not that much but like come on.

But I approve Clarissa and Nolaa being buds of a sort. Hurray for logic!
Huh. I didn't expect Ernie to drag ET into his alliance that quickly. But I suppose ET jumping into it isn't that unfounded either.

Nolaa is ready to tell ET just how off he was with everything he was with Yessi, and hopefully he sees the error of his enthusiasm. Or y'know, at least not be presumptive about everything. This is a good thing.

Frysk is getting embarrassed. <3 Poor guy. People aren't always proud of the silly things they've done as a kid or teen, and I imagine a tough guy military dude wants to keep his sillier past self in the dark to keep up his image.
The Atlas Tribe had made a pretty tricked-out Shelter. Comes with experience and power and all that stuff, so I expect Ethan to be able to stay ahead of the pack and at least worm his way through this tricky swap to get BACK TO THE FUTURES (Great Scott!)

This revelation of Deimos wondering that something... "worked" has me wondering if he self-inflicted the memory loss thingy to ensure that he always stays on the side of Good and doesn't turn into an evil douche-bag again. Right now he might feel pretty cool with it, but sooner or later he's gonna find out his Future Self is pretty miserable not having a permanent memory. Heck, what if all that stuff he does remember end up being a lie that Deimos made to make sure he stays on the path of Good?

Shin and Claire are probably not too happy to hear they're future troublemakers and want Ethan to expound a little on that info... which Ethan would LOVE to share as long as he gets to survive a round or two.

Kitsunie, on the other hand, doesn't care. So what if they won supplies, or still have a pretty good control on the tribe? He only cares about ET. It's actually kind of cute watching him throw a tantrum again over losing his cute friend and getting an older lamer version. I bet Ethan can at least find a way to warm up to Kitsunie regardless.
WELL. This will be interesting.
Huh. That's gotta be a very awkward spot for Yessi. I imagine that Kitsunie and ET mean well, but like... if Yessi doesn't bring it up and both Kitsunie and ET are too thick to give her the chance to speak her mind, I don't see it changing. Aw man.