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...But thanks for coming anyways! Have a great day~
Don't let him get under your skin, Brad. Or... um... fur. That's just what Vinnie wants! Or... um... doesn't want. Jeez, I dunno at this point.
Huh. This is kinda funny. Didn't Thorne give Tialayla the same spiel about 'staying on a sinking ship'?

Yeah, there it is. #2339. WOW, and Tia even gave a brief synopsis about what happened last Tribal. It's like.... wow. *clap clap clap*

Well, if Tia already felt this way, why the hell stay with the Staggs? Or even try finding a third option? Always pick the one no one expects you to pick.
I went outside for a few hours today.

I got sunburned. Like, majorly. I look like a lobster.
THIS is why I don't like the sun. :(

But yeah... Just gotta thing of a sneaky way to get back at the Crook alliance. ...Somehow.
I'm expecting some kind of more sister-feel-good-talks after Tribal today. Kinda doubt it actually happening, since Thorne is Thorne.

Dunno if Sierra or Riley heard anything, but Vinnie and Junior may have let slip he's packin' an idol.

Sad times are ahead, folks. Saaaaaad times~
Alright, this is somethin'. Sierra could flip and turn on Junior... or stay true, forcing the anthros to vote out Brandi. There's also other possibilities, like Junior idoling out Brad or actually going to rocks.

And Sierra's right, Thorne. She's your sister, dang it. Be... I dunno, sisterly. And stuff.
Swim for shore, Riley. SWIM FOR SHOOOOOORE~
Holy sugary snacks, Batman. This must have taken like *forever* to make. Also, I don't know who the mystery princess is.

Also, do it Sierra. Doooo-it~doooo-it~doooo-it~doooo-it~ If anything, it'll be fun!
Splitting up the pairs is smart. Taking out Bradley, Tialayla and Thorne is crucial, as they're the more likely of their pairs to win Immunity.

Trusting Vinnie, on the other hand, is always risky. Sure, he gives his word (and we all know from Lake that he values it pretty well), but I know that he's only looking out for himself, in the end.

Don't get suckered, Damon. Win immunity, and kick some ass!
Come on, Riley. Buck up! Don't let Skippy of ALL PEOPLE push you around. You just gotta... BOO-lieve in yourself! ...What do you mean, they already made that pun?

Hmm. I can't figure Vinnie's angle, either. All I can really say is that Junior better watch his back around the gangster.
@Tailslover13: I dunno. Sierra isn't the best at doubting the intentions of others, and she's very good friends with Doris (last time they hung out). At least, maybe it'll shed some light why Sierra is so set on sticking with Thorne.

Also, PMs.
C'mon, Riley. Damon already harnessed the power of his inner Mario. You can be an even better Luigi than Angelo!

Sierra's certainly become a focal point right now. Hopefully she can handle the pressure. :s
Damon has fully embraced his Inner Mario.

Ah, warm fuzzies for everybody. Why not flip, Damon? It'd be SO much better, wouldn't it?
@SWSU-Master: True enough. It's kind of hard to tell with 'em. One minute they're talking normally and stuff, the next they're doin' animal stuff that would seem REALLY weird if it was a normal human doing it. Like, it's not TOO weird if Sierra was petting Brandi on the head like a dog (Maybe a little, but eh) but it's a whole new level of weird if Brandi was gonna wake up-- No, nevermind, don't even want to finish that thought.

My point being, anthros or furries or whatever they prefer to be called confuse me.
Damn right, Bradley. It's time to take care of business!

I'm confused by Riley. He's in a relationship with Tia, right? Would 'Puppy Kisses' be technically cheating? I don't know how anthros would treat that kind of thing.

Aw. It's nice to have some kind of support, even if Brandi isn't willing to solve the issue for her. It's smart, but also not a dick move. Thumbs up.

Man, it's HARD to stop petting a pet. They're just like 'Why'd you stop? Keep petting'.
Aw, poor Sierra. Not even Thorne seems to buy it. It's a really crappy day when not even your own sister (even if it's Thorne) doesn't believe you.

I'm hopin' for a tender-feel-good moment with someone that's willing to stick up for Sierra. Maybe Riley or Damon. That'll be nice.

Gonna spend some time reupdat-ifying my applications. This season's already finished and just waiting in buffer-purgatory to be completed, yah?
Oh right, RANKINGS. I see people do these all the time.

1. Bowser Jr. -- That right blend of sneaky bastard and precocious kid. One might even say quite similar to Sky...?
2. Bowser -- A savvy player, and OH so much fun to watch. If only he wasn't so stubborn...
3. Thorne -- My personal favorite to win, or at least go deep. Tough and underhanded, but not out-right evil.
4. Tialayla -- She's one tough kitty. Sure, she threw Sierra under the bus, but you don't go down without a fight.
5. Damon -- He's pretty awesome. He also delivered Lake's 'You Suck' speech.
6. Angelo -- Dunno why people hated him. I thought he was hilarious.
7. Brandi -- Went through some rough stuff, and came out tougher. Eye of the Tiger~
8. Riley -- Cute and cuddly dog-nerd. A bit wimpy for my taste, though.
9. Vinnie -- He's still got it. Alas, going after Brandi just to see Lake miserable is a low blow.
10. Scott -- Clever character, but I question his life choices. Marrying Iyzebel, tipping off Bonnie? Tsk tsk...
11. Clydia!Bonnie -- Meh. A decent actor, having fooled a lot of people. Shame she left so early.
12. Doris -- She's nice and all, but she better stay on her toes if she got THIS close to being voted off.
13. Bradley -- He THINKS he's clever enough to stay ahead of the game. Hopefully this is a wake-up call.
14. Eli -- He might've been ranked higher if I understood edgics... Otherwise, he was fun to watch every-so-often.
15. Sierra -- Poor kid. Kind of dumb, but at least she's trying to do better, which is better than
16. Cassidy -- Enthusiastic. Really dumb too, sadly. Oh well.
17. Iyzebel -- Another redhead that swears a lot. At least it was fun seeing her suffer from the Muscle Bros.
18. Lake / Lewis -- He's still a dick.
19. Bonnie!Sarah -- Once a giant sneaky threat, nowadays just old mean-spirited garbage that can't keep track of her own lies.
20. Rosella -- Spoiled rotten. No redeeming qualities what-so-ever. Hell, it wasn't even fun watching her get tormented.

So, um... yeah. Maybe I should start updating those applications for the next season.
I really need to stop overthinking these things.

Angelo is gone and I am sad. He may have rubbed all sorts of people the wrong way, but I liked him. Not in 'that' sort of way, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean... um... *coughcough*

Anywho, Previews~

*The Mystery Flipper? We all know it's Junior, but the cast probably have other suspicions. Considering Sierra's recent actions, she might be the intended easy mark.

*Hitlist? It could be a few people. Vinnie, Thorne, Junior. Eh.

*Tie Vote Looms... Rocks? ROCKS. ROOOOOOCKS.
@Guest: You might be right. I still think it's Vinnie myself, but I've often overthunk things and been proven wrong times before.

All that's left is to wait and see, I suppose.
Black-outs are fun! That's why I'm late to throw in my comment (not that anyone cares).

Poor Sierra... So much for having Tialayla as a friend. Or the Staggs. Or... anyone, really. Hope she doesn't turn into an emotional wreck.

Very sneaky ploy by Junior. If I had to guess who he was targeting... not the Muscle Bros, not Thorne... Vinnie? Maybe, although I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning behind it. Then again, it might be a trap to idol out Bradley. Or simply stirring up drama? I'm just spit balling ideas at this rate...
@Blastoise_FTW: I could think of a few reasons. She outed Sierra as a stool pigeon and probably plans to ride out the resulting scramble to safety. The Crooks can't split the votes to avoid Bradley's idol, and they probably aren't willing to risk voting Tia now that she's fully expecting it. Dropping sooner means less time for Sierra to try and recover. :3

Sierra is VERY likely to be voted out now. Whether Thorne is going to try to save her... I highly doubt it.