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...But thanks for coming anyways! Have a great day~
Can I wish for Season 17 to be like... ready to go? Because I'm notoriously impatient.

...I'm kind of saddened and dismayed. This was no roast. Heck, it wasn't even smoldering. I wanted to see blood! In the metaphorical sense, not actual blood.

Dang it, Riley. Well, I wasn't expecting anything terrible from him... he's just too nice! (Voting Prolly Doris)

I was hoping for more vitriol from Brandi to Vinnie. Maaaaan. (Voting Doris for sure)

While I understand T's point, there's a reason why Vinnie was splitting pairs. Thorne was always going to have Sierra's back and vice versa, no matter what.. so of COURSE whatever plan they were going to make was to be the best for both of them. I doubt T would be as willing to to sacrifice Riley's game over hers. Either way, it's a pretty big misstep from Sierra. (Votes Prolly Doris)

Brad and Doris are a cute couple. 'Nuff said. (Votes Doris, natch)

Damon, I was expecting another 'You Suck' speech... but I guess it's more effective for Vinnie to shoot himself in the foot. (Eh... up in the air. Not Vinnie, though.)

Good effort, Thorne... I don't think it'd be enough to turn T and Riley's opinions, though. (Votes Sierra, natch)

Junior tells it like it is~ Ahhhhh that's what I was looking for. (Votes Vinnie)

Is Angelo right about that? I need to pay closer attention to stuff like that. (Votes for someone. Probably doesn't matter)

I'm gonna throw a guess of 4-3-1 out. I'm probably wrong (because I usually am) but my gut instincts are pretty on-point recently... just not here.

So... um. Yeah. Season 17 soonish? Like... 3 months?
Sharpen your pitchforks and fire up the barbeque!

This is gonna be one deliiiiiiicious roast~
Man, I'm really late. Not that anyone really cares, but meh.

So THERE'S the Survivor eating challenge... Angelo vs Damon in the Poison Mushroom challenge. Been a while since we had one~

Eh. Junior's more of a #7 in my Mario rankings, but I haven't put much thought into it. I should do that one day.

*Snrk* Junior's initials makes me laugh. I know I shouldn't and it's damn childish, but dammit I can't help it. I probably wouldn't have even noticed if Sierra didn't write it down that way.

Soooo... well. Just the wind-down until the Finale. We need streamers. And those little party favor things that unfurls when you blow into 'em. All the stuff to help close out the season! It was a good season~
I bet Sierra once again avoids making a choice by forcing a tie. If she somehow wins the whole thing, I will be shocked.

At least Doris has a shot, which is better than being shut out. :s
Well, I'm gonna go with my initial gut feeling with 'Doris is gonna be voted out'. There's the possibility of wishy-washy Sierra-ness to force a tie-breaker... but the end result is pretty much the same: out of everyone left, Doris or Junior is the likely favorite to win... and only one of those two is gonna make it to the FTC.
It's Rainbow Road, it's called the Rainbow Road~
It's a road where you go...... when you diiiiiiiiie~
So... is it a Final 3? It seems like it, but I dunno if Junior's trying to pull another fast one.

I'm almost willing to bet money that Doris doesn't win Immunity. Doris is without a doubt the Jury threat to take down, and if she makes it through... well, we might as well skip to the final comic of the season. It'll probably end up being Junior taking Immunity, since this is his home turf... and he's already won a lot of the other challenges easily.

Either way, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. ...Who came up with that saying, anyways? Was there like a famous movie or play with a fat lady singing at the end? I need to Google that or something.
Eh. I guess it was bound to happen. T'was nice knowing you, Riley~

So... Doris, Junior, Sierra and Vinnie are left. As an optimist, I'd start cheering for Doris and Junior. As a pessimist, I'm expecting Sierra and Vinnie.

Here's to the final 2... or 3. Or... however many there is. Eh.
Junior's on one hell of an immunity rush. Surprising? Not really.

But yeah, I don't see a way how Riley is getting out of this one alive. Vinnie's pretty good at manipulating the wolf, but Kopeii might remember that he didn't actually get to eat any fresh meat. Sierra isn't in a mood to help anyone either. Doris MIGHT use the idol to save the wolf instead, and take out Vinnie... but that's one risky move.

I guess it all boils down to how agreeable Kopeii is to working with Vinnie or Doris. Funny thing: the wolf is easier to work with than Sierra. :3
Man, I understand why Sierra's bitter. I doubt nice words will get her to get back in the game... she needs a swift kick in the butt to "rub some dirt in it" and get over it.

Ah well. I got ONE pick left in the game. Go Vinnie, GOOOOO~
I think Sierra's fatal flaw was trusting Thorne to the end. No one's perfect... especially a felon. She was bound to make a mistake.

I doubt Sierra is gonna win. If she does, it'll be a miracle... or a tragedy, given what most people think of her.
I'm bad at vote predicting.

Still, T played a pretty good game. Vinnie probably helped tip the scales by pointing out the logic why taking Tialayla to the end was a bad idea.

Also, Double Booooooooot
Man. Sierra's in one nasty spot. She kinda only has herself to blame for it. Still, I dunno how to feel about Doris's jury vote ploy.

I'm thinkin'... Doris is gonna have to play her idol, and Vinnie goes. Then, if it is indeed a double-boot episode, Doris shortly follows. Sierra's plan is still more-or-less intact, but I doubt I'll even be CLOSE to right on how it actually happens.
Hooboy... Thorne is in trouble. If the Cat-Dog couple decide to take 'em out, she's done. However, if they decide to team up with Sierra on good faith (which is risky simply because it's Sierra) then Vinnie may finally find his exit. There 'might' be the possibility of blindsiding Doris, but the chances are slim-to-none.

I'd hate to say it, but I think Thorne's on her way out. Unless Sierra returns that sisterly-show-of-affection from some Tribal Councils ago. :3

Also, now I got that Homerun music in mah head now. Nnnngh...
I never really did like Uno. Only way I can get into playing is if I pretend I'm in a deadly game of space poker with cutthroat merc or the like. Otherwise, I can't get into the game.

Maybe I just like a convoluted narrative whenever I play stuff. Eh.

A lot of people are like Riley. Nicest guy you'll ever meet, but if you meet them in their preferred ring of battle, they'll tear you part... no matter if it's cards, board games, video games, sports, or something really off-the-wall like cooking, buying stuff or even knitting. I've been known to be really competitive when it comes to some video games, and the occasional poker game.

As for the comic itself... Will a later challenge give Riley a chance to show off his card game skills? Will Riley be hit by the Worf effect? Or is it all just a red herring? Find out on the next episode of Survivor: Fan Characters Z! (I couldn't help myself)
Maybe I'm just noticing now, but Tialayla talks about her boobs a lot. I mean, it sounds weird. I wouldn't be talking about... erm... "myself" in casual conversation.

Yeah, Sierra did have this coming a long time ago. She's still got a shot of making it work, but it depends (like most things) on Thorne. Considering she just swiped the Luigi hat from Vinnie because she distrusts him... it's possible.
You can't write the entire thing off as luck, Riley. At least the first two blocks, anyways. That last one is always a pain to try to time perfectly.

Doris and Vinnie making 'an alliance of convenience' to take out Thorne, eh? Not surprising after that 'Reward' challenge. Unless Thorne wins Immunity, she's sunk... I don't think Junior or the other pair is going to come to their rescue.
Immunity for 2 votes? I think this is just solid confirmation that it's a double-boot episode. Maybe.

Also, it looks like Thorne might've turned against Vinnie. Dunno if that was a smart choice for her. Thorne BETTER win immunity if she has any hope of staying. And hey: remember when Thorne gave Sierra immunity just to make her feel better? Think Sierra might repay the favor? I do. It'd be kind of a dumb move on her part, but there's no shortage of dumb moves in Survivor!

Assuming that Doris loses immunity and plays her idol, that's 3 people immune and 4 people on the block, one of which is definitely the Cat-Dog couple. And if my suspicions of this being a double-boot episode is right... things are NOT looking good.

And Luigi wins by doing nothing.
The Crooks are sticking tough. As the numbers wind down, it's getting really tricky to stay in it, especially with one idol still floating about.

So Vinnie wants Sierra out, now? I can definitely see them going that route, and I don't think Thorne can save her.