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...But thanks for coming anyways! Have a great day~
CC's gonna go off the deep end, I can already see it.

Also *squeek*anese~
Jeff Probst gets clocked.

That is my takeaway from this Tribal Council and I love it.
I spy with my little eye, an Alfredo that can hear the last wish. Hoo boy, this is gonna be a mess.
So... wait, what? I'm confused.
He'll be fine. Pokemon just faint!

Right? R-Right?
The SFC Multiverse: Held together by convoluted plot lines and ludicrous fan theories, is not unlike the Survivor Universe where it is kept together by Probst's insatiable hunger for Big Moves and Idol Hunts.
Rocks are bad? But I like rocks.
Alfredo doing that creepy ghost doll flavor justice. :)
Wait, so we're gonna see Parm as a Raiza?

This is going to fail so spectacularly I want to see it all happen.
I want to scream too.



After Raiza totally screwed Josh over, they're still sticking together. D'awwwww~ <3 <3 <3

I did not expect that. Also even if Raiza is being irrational, I still like her.
Sheesh. I mean, Jahira's not unjustified in her argument, but Survivor is anything but a fair fight.

Then again, if I was Raiza, I'd be tempted to just scrap the giant mech and keep my pride.
Yep. Slash.

Also Vespiqueen and Misdreavus? Hmm.
I wish I could honestly give more of a constructive comment right now, but Raiza/Josh/Jenny/Ollie is good in my book.
I feel conflicted. Kade is definitely one bad dude, embracing the villain role and making me want to throw things at him. Yet at the same time I want to see him shake stuff up.

This will be interesting.
Hmm... I'm not sure if Kade is responsible. There's a definite chance, of course... but there's a possibility of someone else having snatched the ring out from Slash's pockets.

But Kade leaving this time sounds good to me so far. Hoorah.
What on Earth would merit a lifetime ban from Taco Bell? Also why would you ever desecrate the holiest of places, being Taco Bell? I really like Taco Bell.

Also Kade may or may not be lying. He probably is, but he sells it pretty convincingly.