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Fun facts, this week is the first time I've had to do lineart on this comic since like, November? I was trying to have incremental work done ahead of time but OH WELL. All y'all people making DBZ abridged references, I 100% had that going through my head the whole time. ;P Dialogue predicts right on the nose, that's exactly where I was going with that.

Aaaand I saw some of you guys saying something that I think I like how @Dark/Light said it best: "Another point you could make is that during a mission just about everyone you meet would likely be an enemy that will attack, whereas they aren't ON a mission at the moment and have no reason to expect an attack." Hella observation, just wanted to give a shoutout to that. *fingerguns*

Love y'all's comments, it's a blast reading them!
Wet fur, annoying to draw, probably more annoying to have.
@A guy in need: Ah sorry but I'm not sure what the issue is? It's working fine on my end so I don't know.
My boy is finally back~ Fun facts: The last, 3 pages I wanna say weren't in the original boards :'D Cut straight from Milo getting chucked to dragging himself out the water. Glad I changed it tho, this was pretty fun ;P
This was fun to draw~
So for anyone who'd been asking nope this comic isn't dead, it's still twitching. While I guess you could say I'm technically off hiatus this thing ain't gonna be updating too often just cause I'm hella busy. But still, not dead here.

Anyways this prooobably isn't the update y'all'd be expecting next and that's because I'm retconning the shopping update. That never happened, Nathan has never said a word to Lucas or Barry, he's just some weird dude that showed up out of the woods one day and now lives in the professor's house with his cat. The shopping update was fun to draw but I was always kinda iffy on making it canon, and since the last time I updated, some things have changed that I gotta go ahead and establish now. :'D I was a little impatient to get to the nuzlocke portion of this comic so strange as it seems, I probably rushed it, whoops.

So, two or three more parts of this before we catch up to the last actual update (This would've been over twice as long with the rest of this segment I wanted to include but I really wanted to post for Christmas whoops) and then we can finally roll out. That's enough out of me so happy Christmas y'all. <3

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Crunch time for school, so it's a little rushed but that's how it be when you wanna weekly update :'D

Also shoutout to y'all in the comments, reading them has honestly been a great time and given me a lot of motivation and joy to look at. Even if I'm not always addressing them up here in the author comment, it means a lot when y'all take the time to say something on my pages <3

Anyways I have never drawn a splash before in my life before this kdjfhg
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Holy shit I didn't even consider that s;kjdhg
*leans in close to the mic* Goodbye you little shit
I'm very quickly running into the issue that lineless speech bubbles don't work so well when your backgrounds and characters actually have light tones again. :'D
Mmmmbuddy love me some perspective shots
@Shotgun Chuck: Yeah that's exactly what happened :'D Patreon and Smackjeeves are set up kinda backwards from each other for scheduling posts where Patrons can see things early, so it's a little confusing for me. No worries though, the page will be up properly 5pm Sunday
Me too little dude.

I've got some notes and stuff on Caterpie and Metapod available for patrons if you're interested ;D Man I love these bugs. (Patrons also get these pages on Friday if I have em done by then~)

Elsewise you can send me a tip here <3

Every bit helps and thank y'all for reading and commenting! <3

EDIT: Accidentally set this thing initially to show up Friday instead of Sunday, whoops. Still figuring out this scheduling thing, sorry for the confusion :'D
I aaaaaalmost drew a little klink above Milo in the second to last panel because, y'know, gears turning. Very rusty gears :'D

(Featuring a very small cameo from <3 )
Rest in anxious bird child.

Some reply things:
- Page before last, Butterfree mentioned Whiscash asked for a tent for Butterfree and her fam, so that's where they currently live while they figure out where to go from here. They probably could go without it, but they're certainly more comfortable.
- For anyone confused on which species as what, to be perfectly honest I just wanted to get in the look of there being pokemon around. It's mostly vague scribbles. (I probably forgot to color in the bed and butt of the pokemon sleeping in the tent looking at it though.)
- Butterfree didn't kick Milo, he's not feeling super great and he's going to work and distract himself from it :'D

Thank you to everyone who commented and reads! Also happy birthday ArisuOkami!
Phew! I'm actually out of town right now and I've been super busy these past few days so this page barely got done in time. Finished, not perfect as it goes :'D (Rest in buffer, you were good while you lasted)

To the anon: Regarding Butterfree's design, I put up concept art on my patreon (as the responding anon said) that patrons can see ahead of time and comment on, which has a better chance of being considered before the design is put in the final page. ( In this instance, I spent a decent amount of time on Butterfree's design and am overall happy that I got what I wanted out of it, which is a more insectile approach than perhaps what you would've preferred. (The fangs are actually more like mandibles I believe they're called?)

So yeah, shoving this out now before I head out again, thanks for commenting y'all~
Finally we escape from excessive sound effects \o/ Should I have drawn more pokemon scrambling out and about? Probably yes, but for now, the lazy option.

Also thank all of y'all who comment, it means a lot, and good to have you back Ryan!