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Pokemon that just got out of a bad cave-in set off by an earthquake may not have the most rational response to another and Milo is Very Small. :'D
Probably not a good idea to stick around in a forest when trees big enough to squish you are falling ;P
Sound effects kill me tbh
Thought it might be neat to do sketch covers (and maybe finish them at the end of the chapter?) So yeah, attempt at a weekly single page schedule, here we go~
So, way back when during that scene with the Blaziken, people were confused or thought it's be weird to call each other by species name, and I said back then I'd explain it later, and here it is! I spent a decent bit of time trying to think about how I wanted to handle pokemon talking and how that worked, and eventually, this is what I came up with. It ties into some other things, but I think that's most of what should be relevant for now with this comic.

Also thank you to everyone who's commented, I very much appreciate all of them, even when I can't get back to them all individually <3
What's this? An early update? :O

In all seriousness though, I'm super excited because this marks the end of Chapter One! I'm gonna be taking a short break to work on some things before I get into the next chapter, (shouldn't be more than a month, no worries) which brings me to my next announcement, the next chapter's going to be done in single pages on a hopefully weekly schedule! We'll see how it goes, it'll be different for me for sure, but if I like it, I'll stick with it, and hopefully it'll help me stay consistent once school kicks in~ If y'all wanna see what the single pages will look like, the last four updates including this one were actually made in a way that breaks down into single pages which you can see here:
Man I haven't drawn the town square place in so looong. Anyways, now we have trees! And I still can't decide how I wanna do eyes, whoops. As for Chansey, well, we'll see how that goes. I'm not drawing a walking egg, it's gonna have a mobile body gosh darnit!
Welp. This is hardly my best work pacing and storytellingwise, but damn I wanted out of that cave and there was no way to make the next bit interesting without coming up with some contrived something or other that would stretch it out way too long. Or, y'know, perhaps there was, but I'm certainly not skilled enough to do it. Ah well. Magnemite are hard as heck to draw, and at some point in the future I'll need to workshop how they function and what gives them design variation.

So! I guess this is good a time as any to recap and talk about stuff, I don't know if I've said it before but anyways~ The mission for this was given as:


Reason for using Chargestone Cave as "Thunderwave Cave?" I was trying to figure out what the heck would cause a strange electromagnetic field, and Chargestone just happens to feasibly come pre-packaged with one! Or, well, it could, I know electricity and magnetism are mentioned in how the floaty stones do their thing, the place having a natural field for it seems sensible, yes? Having an electric evolution stone on the fritz seemed to me a good way to heck up whatever stable balance they had. Also Chargestone is #aesthetic and I'm not waiting until Unova to draw it if I have an excuse to now. We're finally out now tho, admittedly abruptly but now I can finally move onto other things. TvT

Now, final notes, we're almost through so bear with me here- Just in case it wasn't clear, when they asked for help, they got an escort in Mightyena to help them find the Magnemite ASAP and get out of the cave as efficiently as possible, and with a local on their side, avoiding some problem areas. The mightyena in question is a cameo of May from Revenant's Kosmos! I highly recommend giving it a look! (
Aaaand we're out of the flashback :'D

Keep in mind here though, Milo doesn't know about all that. The only parts Riley actually said were in the light orange rectangles, and there's no mention of a personal experience, just a general explanation. Anyways, early upload since I'm gonna be at con all weekend \o/
Oof, got this out a little later than I'd hoped but here we are \o/ Incidentally, I hadn't planned any of this going this way when I initially came up with the evolution stone encounter so Riley could explain them, it just sort of...happened :'D I'm never doing a page with all this nonsense again though holy god. Oh yeah and please pretend there are sound effects as fitting I have no idea how to do those;; She did not go quietly into that good night :'D Anyways hopefully this turned out alright~

Also I got a Patreon! You can support me here if you'd like:
Oh my gosh, I really love this already? I can't wait to see what kind of team they end up being!
And then Riley's sister evolved and everything was just dandy. The real reason he didn't want Milo to poke the Thunderstone is Jolteon's a lame Eeveelution, the clear correct choice is obviously Espeon.
@XExoPantherX: Thank you!

@Nashew: I'm glad! xD I'm looking forward to not drawing them for a while tbh

@Guest: Yep, the Infernape and Blaziken lines have very similar family structures and a wider sort of, group/community structure. It's easy enough for their kids to follow them to a meeting place on the volcano as the groups tend to live together in these communities. The Charizard line is more solitary and tend to live as small nuclear family units in more isolated caves further out that other pokemon cave difficulty reaching. Charizard can fly, where their pre-evolutions can't as well, so it's be much more difficult for a Charmander or Charmeleon to follow unless the Charizard specifically brought them.
Not much to say here, have a page~
Pls pretend there is a small crowd I didn't wanna draw that many pokemon. Anyways, truckin along~
@ZHODY the delfinator: THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO CREDIT Z! ;v; Anyways, as the comment now say, that is a fakemon, so no worries xD

@Maic Modnar: Thank you! And there is and explanation for that, I just haven't gotten to it yet. xD I don't think it'll come up naturally, so I may have to make an extra where I explain this.

@Nashew: :')

@Ultizeta: Oh? I didn't realize this was a thing actually, but I made a quick cover page xD And oh my god, that's really flattering of you to say. ;w;
@Maic Modnar: Thank you, it's good to be back ^^ And yep, indeed it is Riley :'D

@Nashew: Same, to be honest, and I'm glad for your comment too! ^^ And thank you~

@XlvMkaydvlX: Thanks!! 'm glad you like it! And good to be back, thank you for still following!

@Ryan Prower: Well, it's probably not the right time to talk about that though. xD

@TeddiGuy04: Yep yep!! And oh my gosh, thank you, I'm happy to be able to give one!
Ooof, why did I decide drawing fully evolved pokemon was a good idea ever. xD Also Blaziken is an odd duck of a pokemon. Odd chicken, maybe.

EDIT: OKAY SO I FORGOT TO ADD THIS BUT!! The fakemon at the bottom is called Nocturnace, design belonging to the incredible Z-nogyrop! Here is the link to the post!

Incidentally, this would be a good time to mention if you have fakemon designs you'd like to see in the comic, feel free to send them to me and I may include them at some point~
It's been a while, but what can I say, life happens~
Sorry for the wait, life is busy :'D

Also I like drawing rocks.