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@ShadowStalker1128: Nah, that's a fair question, and one of the great mysteries of the pokeverse. Unfortunately, I am also very much a procrastinator so I guess we'll find out together :'D
@dmr11: Yep, you're correct about the imagined spit thing :v
@Blaze01: Yeah, I was talking about my habit of avoiding spoilers not mattering because I wasn't gonna get to play anyways, and then this ended up happening XD Got Breath of the Wild and some Fire Emblem game on the wishlist too
@LordGimsbury: Yep, you'd be correct! They have a whole bulliten board letter system for missions and everything. I'm diverging a decent bit from canon though, this is just one of those things.
Better to be prepared for it now
Well I thought it was funny. Also it's kinda funky to see how much they've changed.

Also if you wanna help buy me a switch:
Just making this part of the regular comic because people don't always check the author's notes~ I'll hopefully have a proper extra once I'm off vacation
Oh my god that's one way to wake up
@Rubombee: Whoops, sorry for the confusion! :'D Tbh the first half of it WAS gonna be canon, but then I figured out how to crunch what I really wanted better, so lo and behold!
@Rubombee: :3c
Oh shit, Atty what you doin?
Ideally by the time these next four pages come out I'll have the next set done~
@LeafeonSprings: He just stayed reeeeeally far inland on one of the bigger islands
END CHAPTER. Phew I'm super happy to be here. As I said, after this I'm probably going back to my once a week schedule, but who knows, if I manage to pick up the pace (and maybe hit some kind of goal on Patreon *wink wink*) I can go back to twice a week? We'll just have to see.
Oh hey, there's someone we haven't seen in a while
I gave him that name specifically because of this.
Sometimes you just gotta climb in a mouth.
Y'all ever read Pelipper's dex entry?

Oh right that little star thing, guess I gotta explain that now. So that teleport crystal system thingy? That's no longer a thing! I do still like the idea of course, but I think it works better for this story without it. Tbh it came from pokemon making a teleport gem at the end game and I wanted SOME precedent for that. Other things that are no longer a thing: Riley didn't write a paper application to apply to be on a rescue team. I miiiight talk about it more in the next interlude?

EDIT: I want my last page this chapter to end on a Sunday like my usual schedule so, bonus page :v
@Foxyjosh: I came back April first! It seemed fitting considering the timing of when I left. But pretty soon after I dropped from Smackjeeves, I had a lot of personal life issues come up, so I just wasn't making the comic period. I really should update on Tapas though or at least let people know I'm back here :'D Sorry for disappearing like that!