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@Rubombee: Thank you! Composition kills me half the time so I'm glad it worked out
@LordGimsbury: Yep, he doesn't have a firm grasp of what a diglett actually is. It's a new species for him
Nicer than some shopkeepers would be about it
@Guest: He goes wherever he needs to. Sometimes that means hopping dimensions/universes
@GreyCorsola: I'm glad! I worry going more bug is offputting to some people, but I have fun with it!
New page who dis
Alright guys, this is the last page of the backlog and starting this Sunday we're back to weekly updates! I hope y'all've enjoyed the twice a week updates, and maybe one day we'll come back to that!
Since I forgot last time like a Fool, this is Matt from The Stars Shine Bright which is a super cool awesome comic you can read here:
@GreyCorsola: Oh my gosh thank you this comment was really lovely and it made my day I'm glad you like my work so much ; v ; <3
@LordGimsbury:sljdfhskj I'm glad you like it and glad to be back to the living!
EDIT: Whoops, accidentally uploaded the same page twice, fixed now though! Soon though we're coming to an end of the twice a week updates (though maybe one day I'll be able to make it a regular thing~)
@Emc_502: dsljgdkj thank you
Btw thank y'all lots for commenting, it means a lot to me that people like this comic so far too <3
@Ryan Prower: Ah, thank you! Movement's something I try really hard to get so I'm glad it comes across well
@Aeon#3547: Glad to have you still reading :D
@Spatan98: The secret is, I really like cats ;P (For real though, thank you!)
April 27th, 2019
@Spirit of Water: Aaaaa thank you!!
April 27th, 2019
@IconicAnemone: Oh shit I completely didn't realize I never mentioned what game this is akjfhsd Well, better think about fixing that soon