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@venami: Damn, and I thought I'd been doing better with typos TvT Thank you though, lemme see if I can fix it
@Mujaffa: Man if that ain't the biggest mood :'D 12 hour school day tomorrow and the work don't stop comin
Wow alright SO gotta say it's good to finally have a page again, even if I'm still scrambling with catchup, but yeah~ What a place to leave off though :'D Anyways, Kudos to everyone who guessed Weaville, you got it right! :D Lycanrock was a guess too though, I definitely see the resemblance, especially with the hunch.

Thank y'all for stickin with me through the unexpected break <3
@TheJGamer: I've been told another reason could be if you're trying to access it on mobile if your phone uses T-mobile, you'll be IP blocked. Some sort of spammer they've been having difficulty with. I hope that helps? And thank you!!
Still got no pen, and I caught, idk the flu? I caught something that's got me down with a fever and sleeping a lot, and a touch too dizzy and weak to be hauling stuff around to look for that pen. I am not looking forward to the catchup work from school lmao. Conveniently this week what I do got is an interview on the Nuzlocke Forums about my comic stuff, including my page process so I feel less bad about getting up this placeholder cover I been meaning to have at the beginning anyways.

Interview here:

And a special shoutout to my newest patron, I don't know who you are on here and I'm sorry this is the worst timing but that really lifted my spirits with what's been a pretty rough last couple of weeks <33 Thank you also to my patrons who've been supporting me all this while, it super means a lot!

I'm gonna hazard the guess that between moving houses, catchup on schoolwork, and general I don't know where the pen is, even if I find it, I'm probably not gonna have a page out next week. If I can't find it in that week, I might just have to bite the bullet and drop 70 bucks or however much I can find one for on a new pen, and then there's the shipping time to wait for it. I got an idea of what I might be able to do if I can figure it out for the next two weeks but, we'll see ;P
So I dunno how much I really emphasized that this is based on a gameplay run. I'd meant to do this at a better time but uh, that leads to my next announcement.

Yesterday when I went to get my pen to work on the update, I couldn't find it and still haven't found it. It's very possible I lost it in the chaos when the apartment flooded a few days ago. The damage, could've been a lot worse, managed to keep the water from getting to the computer, but when I was called from drawing when I pipe broke, I wasn't too focused on what I was doing with my pen.

I can't remember for sure if I had it any time after that, and right now everything stored in the closets is still all over the place from drying the carpets so it's hard to get around and look in those places. Worst comes to worst, I may have to look into buying a new one, but they're uh, really expensive so we'll see haha. I'll try to have, something next Sunday and things until I get my pen back or get a new one? I'm not sure yet. :'D

TLDR: Tablet pen's lost so until I find it or get a new one, page is delayed. Thank y'all for being patient <3
Sounds effects: still kill me. How do you even write a cough in English letters? And of course...

(TV Announcer voice): "Who's that pokemon!?"
*screams* This page took way longer than I thought, and this semester's eating away so much time TvT

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@NeonUmbreon: Oh, nah I figured as much, sorry if that read like I thought you asked them to jump in? That part of the message was more addressed to the group as a whole. Y'all seem to be on the same page here so I put the response all in one message.

@GoldFlareon: It's fair and natural to get defensive of friends, especially when they're hurt, but it's good to know hopefully this sort of thing will be approached collectively with a cooler head in the future? People don't always think before they say things, it be like that sometimes.

That said, a copy-pasted sort of signature line for each author to put at the end of their page comments about this being a collaborative project sounds like a good idea. If my memory's correct and y'all are still open to people joining you could throw a link in there or a note about who to contact if someone wants to get involved.

(And with that I return to Lurking~)
@NeonUmbreon: No one's saying the comment wasn't rude, and you got every right to be stung by it, but that doesn't mean people should be dog piling on them for making a mistake. That's not how you teach people and help them learn. I don't know this Littlegamer personally but it's worth keeping in mind there are a good number of kids on the site who are still learning how to behave and think about what they say. So yeah, correction, good. A beatdown like that from several people? Not so much.

As a last note to you specifically, drawing is hard and getting that reaction out of your work is not a great feeling. I've had more than my share of rather harsh criticisms and similar blows, but keep drawing and studying and you'll keep getting better. There will always be people who don't appreciate what you do or dismiss it, that doesn't stop with skill, but there will also be people who do, so keep drawing!
@Henry: I'm not sure if you'll see this since it's a guest account but are you having similar issues with other comics? There might be a browser issue or something on your end.
Phew, spent a bit of time trying to figure out the attack effects but I'm preeeeeetty happy how this came out?

I didn't actually realize I dropped Hypno's pronoun for the first time in comic until I got comments about it but yeah, she's a bitter old lady lmao. Riley ain't know back on page 11 hence the "There they are!", where now they've got a feel for her "voice". (See notes on Pokemon Language earlier in comic.) Saw plenty of people defaulting to he/him which is kinda funny to imagine up against how I got her in my head, but didn't seem worth going up to talk about it in comments since it'd probably come up eventually anyways and it's not suuuuuper important.

I didn't know anything about the gender differences in-game tbh, but it's neat to know~ I never really look up that sort of thing because the differences are usually so minor it'd be lost in variation from individual to individual (which I hope I can pull off haha.)

Thank y'all for the comments, always love them, and sorry to anyone who was looking forward to a legit fight :'D Rest in pieces kiddo.
Fun facts, this week is the first time I've had to do lineart on this comic since like, November? I was trying to have incremental work done ahead of time but OH WELL. All y'all people making DBZ abridged references, I 100% had that going through my head the whole time. ;P Dialogue predicts right on the nose, that's exactly where I was going with that.

Aaaand I saw some of you guys saying something that I think I like how @Dark/Light said it best: "Another point you could make is that during a mission just about everyone you meet would likely be an enemy that will attack, whereas they aren't ON a mission at the moment and have no reason to expect an attack." Hella observation, just wanted to give a shoutout to that. *fingerguns*

Love y'all's comments, it's a blast reading them!
Wet fur, annoying to draw, probably more annoying to have.
@A guy in need: Ah sorry but I'm not sure what the issue is? It's working fine on my end so I don't know.
My boy is finally back~ Fun facts: The last, 3 pages I wanna say weren't in the original boards :'D Cut straight from Milo getting chucked to dragging himself out the water. Glad I changed it tho, this was pretty fun ;P
This was fun to draw~
So for anyone who'd been asking nope this comic isn't dead, it's still twitching. While I guess you could say I'm technically off hiatus this thing ain't gonna be updating too often just cause I'm hella busy. But still, not dead here.

Anyways this prooobably isn't the update y'all'd be expecting next and that's because I'm retconning the shopping update. That never happened, Nathan has never said a word to Lucas or Barry, he's just some weird dude that showed up out of the woods one day and now lives in the professor's house with his cat. The shopping update was fun to draw but I was always kinda iffy on making it canon, and since the last time I updated, some things have changed that I gotta go ahead and establish now. :'D I was a little impatient to get to the nuzlocke portion of this comic so strange as it seems, I probably rushed it, whoops.

So, two or three more parts of this before we catch up to the last actual update (This would've been over twice as long with the rest of this segment I wanted to include but I really wanted to post for Christmas whoops) and then we can finally roll out. That's enough out of me so happy Christmas y'all. <3

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Crunch time for school, so it's a little rushed but that's how it be when you wanna weekly update :'D

Also shoutout to y'all in the comments, reading them has honestly been a great time and given me a lot of motivation and joy to look at. Even if I'm not always addressing them up here in the author comment, it means a lot when y'all take the time to say something on my pages <3

Anyways I have never drawn a splash before in my life before this kdjfhg