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toboe059 not gonna waste my time describing myself b/c i don't think anyone wastes their time reading this, but i could be wrong XD eh...i like yaoi/BL/slash/watevr u wanna call it lol i also like to read and write, but i can't draw to save my life XD but i'm learning. soooo yeah..if you took the time to read this...i guess now you have ^^;;
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^(o.o) i always used to sing along to the pokemon center machine XD
lmao "DT hates when mommy and daddy fights"
poor DT! George and Atty need to take this time to stop running away from the beedrill and talk things out...for DT's sake XD
lmao I'm waiting for Lucas to scream or something...when he figures out what's going on XD
i..caught up!! ^(o.o)^

aww poor Mikko! Don't be sad...we love you too much for you to be sad!!~
it's been so long since ive last read/commented on this.....can't wait to see how this competition turns out *_*
"BREEENTTT!" lolololol i knew George would be back eventually XD
Atty's all "No time to talk, just RUN!!" XD
caught up again ^(o.o)^
wow...what's going on? i knew Seisho had dark magic! ..i wonder what he wants with Ki though. He better not hurt Ki >.>
lol the look on Atty's face so funny...he looks scared XD DT looks so cute clutching onto him <3 lol

lol i love Thad's language...makes him hilarious!
well...maybe now Atty will learn that he shouldn't smoke XD
o.o i caught up! yay! ^^

aww..poor Toshino...maybe one day you'll beat Ki XD lol i bet Ruya has the lowest rank.
yay! i caught up! ^^

aww!~ they're so cute! don't run away from the caterpie Atty! Embrace them! lol
this will be fun! i dunno if I'd participate since I can't draw but from now to August 31 is a lot of time to learn XD maybe.....@_@
hopefully, lots of people will join ^^
poor Ruya is lost in her own, slow, stupid little world lol and congrats on being able to self-publish Le Diable! ^^
ignorance only works for Atty... wish it would work on the games though XD
i would've loved to see the April Fool's page of Atty's love for Kahn! XD <3
but a real page works too, lol
haha the bugcatcher won't have a charmander any time soon...maybe Atty really does care about DT! *_* lol
i knew it! ...even though i had like..1000 guesses afterwards XD and i was gonna comment about the hair toning thing as to why i thought Ken was Ken and not Ki...but i thought it was a stupid observation and i forgot so i left it alone lol
lol! poor slow Ruya XD
Lol at the Boo comment
poor Atty now has George..his female stalker lol bet Atty's gonna think she's a he...or maybe he'll just ignore her all together XD
Whooooo! gratz!!~ ^^
lol Ruya! stop melting and pay attention! that Hiwatari isn't Ki! XD
Atty's cool XD and she's most definitely about to stalk him now lol