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I'm still in the learning process of comic-drawing (do you ever really stop being in the learning process? >.>). So my comics may change a bit from beginning to end.

Um, I'm a senior in high school who still loves Pokemon and old Disney movies. I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and all that jazz. XD

I'm always interested in meeting new people so if you want to say hi just catch me online or something. I'll even take random comments or crits on my work. :3

Thanks for stopping by~!
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your fans... have SPOKEN! D:<
fanservice! >:3 know what i mean..!
Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for sticking with my comic while I was dead. :D Srsly, I cannot express my love for you all!

But yes. Like the note says, I will be redrawing the comic from page one. I hope you don't mind, but I'm sure it will be worth it. I've improved on my art (I think, lulz) and story-telling skills (at least..I think so. xD)

So um..YEAH.

PS I love you >:D
awesome comic :D
i just found this comic today and i'm already in SO much love with it!

is it bad that i'm jealous of her? XD i want a mysterious guy magician who *blahblahblah*
>.> great job!
haha... hard. >.>
i can already see the love blossoming between ann and cliff!

HM64 was my very first harvest moon game. oh how i love it *_*
personally, i would be more than happy to sit down and talk with him. >3 hehehehehe
beautiful work!!
yaaay!! an update! :D
:0 will LOVE BLOSSOM!?
D: Sandslash! what's wrroong?
beautiful art! and i love harvest moon to boot! *_* this is a definite fave. i can't wait for the next update
awesome comic! it's written and drawn so well! definite fave!
*cheers her on* you can do it! >D

the mudkips were hilarious. XD i enjoyed that prank LIED to me?!

..awesome. XD
i absolutely adore this comic! keep up the awesome work :D
At Long Last!
An update! Aren't you excited?

Overall, I'm not happy with this page, but I will keep improving, I promise! *fist of determination*

Thank you to everybody who stuck around for this long hiatus! You're the absolute best. ^_^ *hugs for all!*
how cute! *_*
you are a GENIUS.