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Itsumi Omoyashi
It's been long guys.
I know I knowww... I'm sorry. It's my fault that this webcomic is dead. ;__; but I'm planning on starting it soon once second semester hits. I'm really busy with applying to colleges and such.. so please understand. >___<; I'm sure you all improved your anime artwork dramatically. =] Mine hasn't really changed much. -__-;;

This is nothing really related to Magic High School.. but just wanted to make an update. I made this 2 days ago after not using my tablet in like AGES. SO.. not bad for someone who hasn't used her tablet in like a year right? He's a character for a story i'm thinking of creating whenever I have time. Yep.. Gold hair and gold eyes.

omg.. that's so cute!! <33
WHY R U SO GOOD!!! ㅠ_ㅠ *bows to u*. xD
OMG SO CUUTE!! I love u. <3 So adorable! :]
Fire upgraded since last year. :D I love u. <3
So cute!! <3 I loved the way how you drew sicun. :D and I love the pets. Ur character looks sooo adorable!
oops i thought i got everyone. Uh.. For now.. i guess Arachne is in the same position as Trill.. Is that okay?
Changed the font so maybe it's easier to read.. haha. enjoy. And yes. He took off his glasses to kiss his girl. xD
Blargh I know its bad and horrible and simple.
I was too lazy i admit it. -.-;
But, this is just to start everyone off. For those of you who didn't read the news, the plot started. Oh and make sure you post the plot stuff in THIS section. thank u. :D
Let's start having some fun? :3
Yes. you should be sleeping. As should I be. LOL.
Don't worry about it, I'll move it.
Nice drawing btw! :D
^I deleted the comment btw.
@Pickles: Sir/Ma'am (Whoever u are). I can understand ur argument however it wouldn't hurt to say it in a more nice manner. Why couldn't u just say.. "Nice character, but.. Why are pets becoming humans now? It's kind of getting annoying. Everyone is doing it now."
THats a more nice way to put it.
I will not tolerate having no respect.
IF guests continue to be rude, i'll make sure guests cannot comment on this webcomic. Good day to you then. :D
@Amante: I doubt u'll read this because it's been a loooooooong time.. XD And yes. It is. Haha. :D
Multi, can you move this to the filler section? XD I can understand how its the monthly event ish, and a fanart ish, but I see it more to the filler section. Cute drawing btw. :]
can you put this in the filler section?
ahahah that's really cute!! ^^
i'll add u to the dorming list as soon as i can.
ahaha iim sure we're going to start pretty soon .:]
@Multi: Yes ur right. xD not all teachers have to be bad.. uh.. think like hogwarts! :D