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Comic-lurker, closet yaoi-fanatic.

I love smex as much as the next girl, but is it too much to ask for some well-written plot and "fleshed out" characters?!

And yes, I'm stalking every BL comic I find. Feel priveleged if you're non-BL and faved as well. That means your comic must be REALLY REALLY good (and probably better then some of the BLs I love so much....)
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Oooh. . . hotness! I've been waiting and waiting for this update!
I love your pages. You missed one thing on this page though, wasn't he all bloody and bruised the last page? And the next page he's all bloody and bruised. But he's all sparkly new here! Lol. By the way, your bite scene in those 2 panels is AWESOME!!
Hahahah! That's like being afraid of baby bunnies. Lol.
Something about reproduction in the blood.... blah blah blah..... and not being able to destroy the contract cause the human will die...

Does that mean, that in a year he'll become a vampire?
Lol. With an expression like that, if I was Dake, I'd consider running. . . not that cute little 'huh' head tilt. It could lead to morning molestations....

Kinda of looks like one of those scenes from WWII. U know, the ones just before they start dropping bombs and such.. uhoh..
FINALLY!!! Some Tommy/Dake action!! I've been waiting since Baidhe-tu.... Happiness!!
I'm sorry.... That fourth panel is hilarious.... He's got that krazed look in his eyes!!
K'mlar's stiffness and expression in panel one had me cracking up. Though, I'd probably have done the same if someone randomly hugged me like a teddy bear. S'ouren's practically rubbing his head into K'mlar's chest. Lol.

He must REALLY love the clothes. Do another twirl.... =)
Can't wait to see how you interpret threadfall into this....

And I miss the 3-4 page updates.... but so glad you can still get one or two pages out every so often. =) keep it up.
I don't think he's being keel-hauled. It's probably part-dream, part-reality considering that the last face we saw had TEETH. I mean seriously, the guy was jaws in human form and all. I'd be having nightmares too!
Second sight sounds cool, unless you finally see that ugly pervy ghost whose been giving off the creepy vibes because he's been perving on you....


Let all the ghosts be hot bishounen ghosts and that would be great.
Awweee!!!! Love this. But what on earth is in Mizus pocket that our dark hair friend here is pushing the button on top of? Something dirty? Lol.
No Skye!!! Paris is nuts....he'll probably draft you into his club!!! Run away!!! lol.
It's spazztastik!! Seriously great. Kind of like that loco Roco game, weird, but you can't help but be fascinated. =)
Hmm... rereading and just noticed the first two panels. That's J'larian/J'lantir (did you ever decide on a name?) watching them, isn't it? Is he why K'mlar rushing off all huffily? and is it me, or is he a little bit disappointed that K'mlar is leaving? Lol.
Just rereading. I've gotta laugh though, K'or doesn't look too sure about who is who.
"Why would I EVER want to marry you?!"

And then Kai steps around the table and shows Beau exactly how submissivis he is. Lol.
Look how excited he gets at the idea of money. Lol.
March 26th, 2008
Oh thank god! I keep looking and looking at this and wishing I could actually read it! And soon I'll be able to. You are the best! And your english is just fine.
March 25th, 2008
I wish I understood this, but I can only read english. **sob** The pictures are so pretty though, so I'll make do with looking. Maybe one day, you could do an english version. Pwetty pwease.