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Goodness, I'm into Anime, writing, reading, gaming, etc. I mean, I like so many things it would take me hours to put it all on here.
I work for a Semiconductor Manufacturing company.
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    Shaun Duke
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July 9th, 2006
Still love the style of this comic. :)
lol. Where's the death star :P
So random :P
thanks :)
Hey thanks for the comment on my page :). I appreciate it. Like your comic by the way. The title pages are quite exceptional I think.
Haha. I wish I had a virtual lesbian girlfriend...
Wow this is a great comic, keep it up!
April 25th, 2006
I really like how the characters in this are realistic looking. They aren't all perfectly shaped people like you see in a lot of comics. They seem real. Good job.
LOL :)
Still pretty :)
Magikarp is cool man. He's totally like the greatest and all...*sarcasm*
Awesome as usual :)
I just love the lighting in your comic :) It's so cool looking :)
I like the eyes too :)
You got a new fan :)
That is absolutely fricken beauuuuutiful!
As awesome as ever (I used to read your comic before DD went down and then eventually came back up :)
LOL. I love just looking at the headlines on that paper at the story. It cracks me up, all the crap they come up with :).
Hey thanks very much for the comment on my comic :). I appreciate it greatly :).

You must listen to a lot of sports radio, cause that's exactly how they sound, only with less comedy :P.