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Well...I guess I should tell a bit about myself? :3 I'm a 14 years old girl who loves anime and manga. I loves Shonen-ai too,and a little bit Yaoi.I read most shonen based manga and maybe a bit shojo. >:3 I have been drawing since I was like...8? But found my happiness(manga XD) When I was 11. And well...I give a cookie to the one who is able to read my terrible English! *holds out a cookie*
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I know there isn't many people reading this comic. >.> I've been away a while and was kind of lazy with the comic...but my drawing skills have become alot better by this time. from now on will the art be of better quality...I hope. XD
Woho! Panda power!
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well...My art aren't the best right now. xD And my coloring skills is...not so good either. >.> But i promise you that I will try to do better in the future. XD And Lynx has done the cute dragon. :D
Hello everyone! :3
we are two persons drawing this comic. ^^ I'm doing most of the characters while she,Lynx draws all the dragons and thingies! :D
naaw poor San T.T
jag är :D kom nyss hem från våran stuga i Norrland så har lite att läsa^^
woah :D fint! demoner <3
nice :D love it <3
love it :D <3 i didnt see that coming XD
wahaha XD jepp hår är heligt x'3 fast skule bli livrädd om mitt hår blev uppätet av en panda .___.
punch her! she deserve it >.<
yaay x'3 me love it! make more :3