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I'm a fairly new artist who can't wait to try his hand at comics. I have always been a huge nerd for video games, superheroes, and cartoons. It has always been my dream to create my own stories through these, so I hope you like my content.
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Would readers be interested in a Q&A based around the comic? Just leave a comment with a question. If I get enough questions, I will make a video on my Youtube Channel going through it.


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@Joshua: Next chapter coming near the end of November. Glad you have been enjoying the comic! :)
Yay Great Issue! Can't wait for the next one!
Poor Henry. He wishes he had an anime transformation sequence.
A bit disappointed that Henry didn't break out of the orange and turn into a butterfly.
And so continues the Merry Tale of Pigtails, Fruit Basket, Brace Face, Broken TV, and Bert and Ernie's 3rd Roommate.
Dear Gourd, Henry's uncomfortable. ;)
I always love it in superhero stories when things just explode. I'm guessing a leaf brushed against the self destruct button on the mom.
Somebody save that muppet!
Pick up the diamonds. This is everyone's chance to be rich!
Grass type moves aren't very effective against bug types.
I'm hoping Paladins fans are also Pokemon fans. It is kinda necessary to get the joke.
Happy Page 200. If each page were an episode, you'd be on your way to being a Shonen Jump anime.
Sorry again for the wait. I'm awful.

Art by ShallotCat:
And that's the end of Chapter 5. Tune in next time to follow Henry's adventure to find Monica.
So I got a Nintendo Switch recently, and Splatoon 2 is so much fun! My favorite weapon is the paint brush and...

Wait, Fran's the bad guy?!?
Ya should be able to find all of them except the darn fourth one at this point.