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I'm a fairly new artist who can't wait to try his hand at comics. I have always been a huge nerd for video games, superheroes, and cartoons. It has always been my dream to create my own stories through these, so I hope you like my content.
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I didn't know plum trees could be purple. Neat.
I love the XboxPs4 controller.
Ditto has a black tongue. Has he been eating squid ink?
That squirrel plushie looks familiar. Oh! It's Scrat from Ice Age.
I have difficulty eating eggs. I am going to alter the recipe to use Kinder eggs instead.

Edit: And while I'm at it, Pop-Tarts for toast.
"Why is everything Chrome?"
Is that a white WiiU on his shelf?
A black cat is perfect for October.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: You can find the paperwork for ships at your nearest FedEx office.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I think I did that accidentally. Don't care enough to change it. Why not make it canon for all pages where she doesn't have black pupils.
Don't get any ideas Ignite.
Sorry for the delay on pages. Been having some family and emotional trouble lately. Hopefully I'm back on my feet now.
Next Chapter coming soon. Sorry for the long wait, lots of stuff have been on my chest lately. Stay Tuned!
This page may be confusing to anyone who hasn't read the other pages of the comic. Eh.

Read pages early by Donating:
Hiatuses are fun.

Read pages early by Donating:
Sorry once again for the delays on pages. Influenza is not something to be messed with. Chapter 7 coming soon.
I'm sure the spider demon is reasonable.
Nerf Plushie, Grab range is unfair.
"Silly KinglyPeasant, Halloween was 2 months ago."