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I'm a fairly new artist who can't wait to try his hand at comics. I have always been a huge nerd for video games, superheroes, and cartoons. It has always been my dream to create my own stories through these, so I hope you like my content.
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Next Chapter coming soon. Sorry for the long wait, lots of stuff have been on my chest lately. Stay Tuned!
This page may be confusing to anyone who hasn't read the other pages of the comic. Eh.

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Hiatuses are fun.

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Sorry once again for the delays on pages. Influenza is not something to be messed with. Chapter 7 coming soon.
I'm sure the spider demon is reasonable.
Nerf Plushie, Grab range is unfair.
"Silly KinglyPeasant, Halloween was 2 months ago."
The toy is angry.
This is the kind of jail cell I'd like to have. Seems comfy.
You know that's really hard on your knees.
Sorry for no uploads over the past few days. I caught the flu, and didn't have the energy to finish editing the last few pages. (I was literally stuck asleep in bed most of the time) Here is a bulk of pages to make up for it. Uploads should be normal again now.
REVIEW: Star Wars episode VIII is one of most unique films in the series. It is filled with unexpected twists that keep the audience's attention (for the most part), and leads to a well thought out and exciting film. However, it does fail at providing characterization for most of its villains, leaving their motives and intentions a mystery. While the spaceship dogfights were exciting, the ground fight scenes (excluding one lightsaber fight) were very subpar and short. The movie also ends very open ended, leaving little clues as to the plot of episode IX. In the end, Star Wars VIII tells one of the most creative and emotional plots in the Star Wars cannon, but fails to meet certain norms set up by the series.
(7/10) I need to buy a Porg stuffed animal.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: The edits have been made. Thank you for contributing loyal citizen.
On the date this page uploads, I would have seen the new star wars. Expect a review in tomorrow's author comment.
Why are there never dirty air vents in action movies?
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Cannon Accepted. I Wonder when the next family reunion is.
Yay, now everyone can partake in the festivities!
Oh hey Preyton how's it going.
The ClaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaw...
What comes next:
a.) first on page death in comic
b.) some hero jumps in last moment
d.) The Spanish Inquisition
e.) all of the above
f.) none of the above