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So much to do, so little time! ^^ Hellllooooo therrreeee... uummm... people say I'm an interesting person, yet I always find it hard to put myself down in words?

So, you should find out for yourself! :D PM me if you need, don't be shy. I certainly don't bite. Not after that one time... >_>
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    Anastasia (aka Rubi)
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I think I have totally fell in love with that rainbow in the last panel. It made my day... actually all the commentary if witty and amusing. :) I always look forward to seeing a new page and seeing how much you have improved!
Hey there child! xD long time no comment. *gasp* you know I enjoy your work and it always humors me greatly.
So.... due to my failed updates and general unhappiness with how the comic is going I'm putting it on break. Till further notice...

Day Night Tales will probably come back but with a new look, new ideas, and more of a plot as well as better art. <33333

I LOVE everyone that supported me and commented, faved and so on. But I realize this isn't the comic I want, and need to make serious changes.

How long DNT will be gone is also unknown, but please don't un-fav it. I'm working on new pages as I sit here typing, along with another work in progress which I will post a link to here when it is ready to be unveiled.

Trying to make up for all the missed updates v_v *fails* Also trying out a new style... you sill see more strange pictures floating around the background from now on... O_o clipart I want to put to use. It amuses me ^^
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates at all. Life slammed me pretty hard and left me with tons of activities and almost no free time. In the end I was considering shutting Day night tales down... till I realized I couldn't live without it already.

So here we are, a month late page and more attempts at trying to update, AT LEAST once a week.
Oh I love you and your comic |D <3 I can't wait to see where this goes next!
NOOOO don't give in to his arrogant and horrible demands!

*waits patiently for the next update*
September 14th, 2008
Love this comic for the record! ^^ Read it through and through. It's amazing that you can actually get color done for all the pages *gives you props* you've got yourself a loyal reader.

I can't wait to see what happens next.
D= I'm really sad to see this comic end! I looked forward to every update... *cries* well, I DO hope to see more comics from you, more like I DEMAND them xD and you know... if you want to collaborate on one drop me a line!
I lack good reason for not updating. Besides college apps that have my mother in PANIC MODE. Meaning I get yelled at for a few weeks and no time to really draw comics. *sigh* So, this is a horrible, rushed page for you all since I couldn't take it anymore.

After 3 months updates will once more be regular, but for now they will be about once to maybe twice a week and possible sloppy. Might even consider switching to maker/pen to work on them in school. ^^'' Yes... <3333333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FAVING. And PPPLLLEEEAASSEE stay with me, while my future fate is in the hands of these next 3 months. Wish me luck!
This comic is about your it's it xD *DIES*

That's you necklace! I SEE IT.
sssoooo we enter chapter 4. Never honestly expected the comic to make it this far!

I love every single one of you for faving, commenting, and reading my horrible spelling as well as grammar. <33333

From here on out things start to get more complicated and the story actually starts.
best... expression.. EVER xD
I never get the chance to mention that I love this comic and the plot in general.

Being a general yaoi whore, I do take the time to love the het couples as well! ^^ Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next update.
Hah! xD LITTLE did he know it grows a new one... I wish I had that power. *sigh* It would be so wicked.

Love this comic, keep drawing and updating! ^^
Thanks for mentioning... I do it only because it amuses me greatly xD but I guess I don't mind going back over the page and re-typing actual words. *shrug* I have no problem with swearing, or actually typing it, censoring it makes me laugh on the inside... ^^
Making up for lost time... UPDATES FOR ALL. I think I will try to update once a day for like a week or two. TRY.
Yes yes yes... more comic updates from this point on! SORRY TO KEEP YOU ALL WAITING. *fails*

So NY was awesome, the whole art program I went to was amazing fun and the people I met were... SO AMAZING I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE THEM. As you can see I'm trying to break a little further away from the anime style... trying... and am going to be drawing a new comic soon, called Spinal Tap Dance, written by one of the people I met on my trip. Yes.

Okkkk... so I'm going to an art camp for a month. Meaning, no comic updates D= I tried to get ahead so wouldn't do this but because of this STUPID FING INFECTION. (which I am still fighting) that's not going to happen. I barely in the condition to travel, let alone finish a page right now.

So wish me luck, and for a month... you might just have to see fillers of some of my OTHER art that I worked really hard on? I will be back August 1st and resume updating then....

VV__________________________VV *sob* sorry I have failed you so. I promise you some nice pr0n when I get back, how about it?
Don't dddoooo iiitt D= *gasp*
Love this comic and love every update ^^

Great job <3