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p.s.lacey does cocaine.
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Oh god that's how I cry ahahaha
I don't think many people know that Meredith is originally a guy's name j ^j
The festival is called oktoberfest :P It just takes place in Kitchener. I was saying that the *town* Kitchener used to be called Berlin.
We have Oktoberfest here (in Kitchener (Canada), which used to be called Berlin but they renamed it during WW2 to be nice BUT BERLIN IS SUCH A BETTER NAME) but I think that's because we have/had the largest german population in the country. Or something.
your comic feels me with glee.

maybe that was a Freudian slip. IM FEELING YOU.
ffffff. that is so adorable j ^j
September 14th, 2009
i love the boy blob j ^j
probably something drug relatedddd
i want him to make me his D:
oh finally some vladxelliot resolution!! i wanna see what cat was in thaaat bag aww.
i hope your eyes fluctuate to a normal.. vision.... i bet you had to wear those weird dark sunglasses all the time.
Oh wow, oh wow. That really sucks for her. In time for college aps I ended up being forced to move my computer into my room instead of being restricted from it haha.
It's weird that college aps are so early .___. Here it's january for university applications and february for college.

I'm suprised that you guys are even able to keep a comic running (because i find it impossible haha) so once a week is totally cool.
p-pokari sweat?! 8D
What a dumbass.
He shouldn't be doing acid anyways, and if he is, WHY AT SCHOOL.
I mean even doing pot at school is stupid, it's so obvious, wtf would you be on acid.
Aiden needs to smarten upppppp.
There was no reason to bring his droogz to school.
i-is that a little teaaaar j ^j
oh damian~

Oh man I have a character named Elliot and one named Adrien OH MY GOD WE SHOULD BE BEST FRIENDS hahaha
D: We never have young cashiers here, they are always old people who would never let you get away with glaring j ^j
OH SHIT! I wish i had known it was the moon landing because I just did a really faulty analysis of a political cartoon without actually knowing what it was about j ^j don't fail me teacher ahhh

love this paaage! can't wait for more :D ugh clover needs to wake uppp
That is just how I smoke when I do smoke (which is pretty much never nowadays). I love chain smoking ahhh. I gave it up but yeah, it was sweet.