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I've always wanted to make webcomics, and this site seemed to be the best, so here I am. I'm an avid fan of anything to do with Sonic, I love pixel art, and I'm extremely random :D
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you and me girl
nah man you gotta...SEE THE BIG PICTURE
There's a rumor that if the relationship ends, the ship sinks.
The adventure will start soon! I plan to release the first page in the middle of November. I do not claim to own any of the backgrounds that will be used during this series, I just found some from really cool people that I think will help me to tell the story. I will own most of the characters used, but expect some extras that I don't own.
@Punchy: quit stealing what I said when you know you lied to me
The previous page was ketchup packets felicity had in her pocket don't worry.
Sup I'm in the comic now *goes to raid EU's fridge*
oh yeah, I also may give him hair, still kinda playing around with ideas.