I've always wanted to make webcomics, and this site seemed to be the best, so here I am. I'm an avid fan of anything to do with Sonic, I love pixel art, and I'm extremely random :D
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So yeah, I've been taking some time off to pursue other hobbies. Once SAZ got kick started again, I knew it was time for me to return. There's actually a few new updates in SAZ that feature my character, one of which I made. Feel free to browse those!

So what am I working on now? Well, I'm working on Felicity4.0 sprites right now, so I can finally put 2.0 to retirement. As you can see above, 4.0 is going to be a major improvement from my old sprites.

I've also got a special project in mind, but that's barely started, so I'm going to wait a while to reveal it. Let's just say it'll be VERY custom (it'll have a reference base, but I'm editing it majorly).

I've also been practicing color theory, shading, building poses, etc., so I'm definitely going to improve from what I used to make. I'm also practicing editing with both Gimp and Paint.net, which will help my comic-making abilities.

I know I've been gone for so long, and I apologize. But I'm going to work hard to make up for the lost time! This is my revival!
If Zack is dead then Felicity is free, weee!
Getting kidnapped into the group, how lovely.
this is so inspirational
Yeah these are incredibly vague character descriptions that wont make a lot of sense right now, but eventually if I ever start that comic they'll make more sense.
I know I have some shading issues that I need to work on, but I'm just trying to hurry up and figure out what Spectral looks like in general. Also, I have no clue what hair I should give him, or if he even needs any. If you wanna give me some suggestions or link to pictures of hairstyles, that would be super helpful!
It's so interesting to see how canon steven is now doing something so similar to new home steven, I wonder if Rebecca Sugar actually reads this.
Woohoo! I've come a long way in these past two months, and I'm just so thankful for everyone in the SAZ crew and AHC2 crew and beyond who've supported me and helped me keep going. It's been so much fun working on everything and I hope to continue for a long time after.
So yeah, some minor shading improvements, which isn't really enough to warrant a whole new spritesheet for her yet, not while the current one is still being added to SAZ. This is more of a back-burner project. Maybe when the summer is wrapping up I'll make the change official.
Yeah I made this in ten minutes so that's why it looks really basic, I could've made it better if I wanted to.
When your character can't decide if it wants to be a flamingo or a fox.
@Guest: I bet ten cookie cats it's not that room.
never mind...apparently my plans were canceled, so I'll be able to work on stuff some more this week.
Felicity is not one to notice potential danger until it's too late. Oh well...

Who knows, she might actually survive the fall.
This was my very first "custom" sprite character. I don't have a lot to say other than there's very little effort on this guy. other than the macho man shirt and eye change, it's just a blue recolor of tails. But it's something about a first attempt that makes me hold on to this little guy. Maybe someday i'll update him and actually make him a character.

That's all for now, at least until i'm back from spring break vacation.
wow I won so many cookie cats
The power of the boner can even turn a hero into a villain
I don't normally rate comics but I give this one 5 stars
@StevenYuni: I bet ten Cookie Cats she'll say no