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Karan here! I'm from the US, use they/them pronouns and I like romance, comedy, KPOP, LGBT webcomics, and manga! I write too, under this same pseudonym on and ao3!
@Nieidanine: im pretty sure demisexual falls under the ace spectrum so i guess we're in agreement ^^ but u rite i totally forgot that dylan is still attracted to women
i've named "rat boy" "nezumi" in my head like in no. 6 lol! also he looks REALLY FRICKIN CUTE IN the first panel, great job!! <3 <3 <3
@amanduur: NOW MAKE THEM KISS AHHHHH or, alternatively, have a deep and meaningful talk about their relationship. or avout bdsm. you know, whatever. :D
@kwippo: heyo! i'm also ace and i actually really like the headcanon that bailey is ace, or atleast demi. you can be okay with the idea of sex or even get turned on during it, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're sexually attracted to the other person. bailey finds gannet beautiful and obviously loves him and feels romantic attraction for him, but that doesn't necessitate a sexual attraction. additionally, just because he was able to perform and enjoy sex, doesn't mean that he's sexually attracted to gannet, or even that his experience during the sex was the same as gannet's experience. he might just be okay with giving and not receiving in certain situations with gannet, his boyfriend who he is romantically attracted to. i'd like to keep the platform open for people to envision and undertsand complex characters in ways that they can relate to or understand, and the idea that bailey might be the same kind of ace i am makes me really excited, since i'm not sex repulsed at all, but i never feel sexual attraction towards people. i'm just not into irl sex stuff or people as much as i am when it's hypothetical, and i'm never ever sexually attracted to people - it has everything to do with the emotional communication and vulnerability and trust that sex initiates and the idea of giving someone you care about something they want/like, even if you're not into it.
Wait, didn't Kuro turn Momo's hair turquoise as part of the blackmail?
January 17th, 2017
i really like this comic pls continue i'll be cheering you on!!! <333
wuahh im still mad at kuro he doesnt deserve momo i hope they talk about it soon and kuro goes to school wearing a clown outfit for a month or something else like that to make it up to momo
@Leonend: it's lube lol
oh man i hope u feel better!! rest up okay?
Please read all the yaoi manga by Mishima Kazuhiko and Natsume Isaku and Nekota Yonezou on mangago! Those are all some really cute and pretty stories <3
Arco looks reeely cute in the last panel <333 so does kim ^.^
Trashy looks soooo gorgeous on this page omg
watch the haircut *still* look good on kurokawa no matter what
@Nieidanine: is Dylan maybe on the ace spectrum? Because that sounds pretty accurate I mean just because you're ace, it doesn't mean you can't have or enjoy sex. It means that you're not sexually attracted to other people, which sounds like what Dylan is saying - that he loves Joa, and likes to be near him and with him, but he's not sexually attracted to him. Even though they may have had sex, it seems like maybe that doesn't matter to Dylan - the sex wasn't because of sexual attraction but rather because of the reassurance and closeness, right?
oh my gosh Shay looks so cute!!! congrats on his first appearance, he looks adorable! i look froward to more pages with Shay in them :)
I hope my fic entry gets counted, but even if it doesn't I hope u enjoy it!
<3 the art style, lining, and coloring are all so good!! Im so excited to see what happens next <3
wait so is this gonna be like a choose your own adventure/is the reader the seme or is our cutie pie going to get a seme fan-selected from an array of options too?