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I enjoy drawing,and I enjoy playing video games such as: The Legend of Zelda series,
The Harvest Moon series,
Final Fantasy series and Resident Evil 4.
There are more but we would be here all day. XD
I also enjoy watching anime, not going to type which ones because there are a lot.
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She can knit, yet she can't do cut-offs? Yup. That's Ann for you. -_-
Heh, Stantler claus.
Merry Christmas, Butters!
I'm pretty sure you can still sign up. But in order to do that you have to join

As long as you're active or check back frequently you can be involved. :)
Spring 7
I finished this yesterday, I don't really have any time for colouring, but i may eventually get round to it.

But it does have some things that are digitally added such as the words, speech bubbles and speed lines.
December 18th, 2007
Come to think of it one of my friends are like that. O_o
We knew it was coming. We knew you were going to include Carter sometime or another!
I like your use of screentones.
December 10th, 2007
Great page Butters! Jack looks great, nice work.
I have trouble drawing Jack, it's those damn overalls! Keep up the good work.
You know, you have a point Butters. Why are there so many cans in the lakes in the first place, they get angry at you for littering. Hmph! They can't talk.
Anyway I love Ray's expression, he really has an unhealthy attraction to fish XD
November 12th, 2007
I really like that suspicious expression on Angela's face in the last panel.
October 19th, 2007
I think i know who the other character that you will eventually add is. I'll Keep my mouth shut though. :p
Nice page, i loved Popuri's expression.
Next up!
I was the next up to do a page and here it is. This was my first attempt at doing Claire/Jill. (Whichever you call her) It took me a while to do the long grass and i'll say it now, I now hate doing long grass. XD
Love the colouring Butters, nice start to the comic.
October 8th, 2007
Yep, I always have trouble with the overalls. -_-
Great page though, love the colouring.