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I like comics....O-O Yeah..... oh and ima girl
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he he ^_^ his hair is ruined!!! I love the whole "i'm not listening to you"n thing from Ziz
hello its called inspiration. Every story line has the same thing going on. If that person ever studied mythology they would know that. there is the under dog, the evil one, the misguided one etc... and when it comes to art the same thing goes. its really hard to come up with something completly original and if it is im sure it had some basis in some thing. that person is just a jerk who cant seem to have a life and decides to diss others. i mean common if they disliked it that much then just stop reading it. no one is forcing it down thier stupid throats. Besides i happen to be very satisfied with this commic and i believe you are one of the most talented artists on this site. I say let idiots be idiots and citrus.....YOU ROCK!!! AND KEEP ON!!! well thats it for my daily rant, don't let that guy keep you down :P

<3 ya Citrus
were rooting for you
uhh ohhh Jack in in for some kicking between the legs time:D Good and funny for us and.. well its just bad for Jack.
omg I love this comic sooo much and wow that prince swirly eyes is creepy....
aww now I want to see her all dressed up for Shu
hehe... maybe im just a weirdo...
well what else would he be doing? pinning her up against a wall like that? O_o
he is definatly a But face *nods head in a convinced manner*
I Knowed it he's a rapist!!!
RUN MAYA RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry that your having a bad day... but ill tell you this much this update made mine! Im so glad your keeping this comic going, its soooo awsome!
aww Yen is shy :P

I <3 yen!
YAY fire/kitty/bird/thing is back! Yay! ^_^
i understand, i realy should be doing a research paper...but im procrastinating XD
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Takuya is supposed to be the guardian! Not Tanaka! *throws a apple at Tanaka* thats what you get for stealing Takuya's job *tosses a cookie at Takuya* there ya go cookies make everything better ^_^
I <3 chibi Takuya ^_^ can i take him home!?!
Awwwww :P they were sooooo cute ^_^ i want to give them a cupcake!
remember winny remember! its from hocus pocus and i thought it applied ^_-