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I love this comic :D
@Shawn: 퍽 = peok // I think it is just a sound effect but when I searched it up on google it said it meant "puck." // I dunno if this helped but I hope it did ^^ (it is Korean btw)
@jeffiscool: Sure! Just message me :)
New Co Author!
Another new co author! This time, its my best friend, Cutiestudios! She will be helping me manage the website and make comics! Another person is going to co author soon too! She's also my best friend. Lol, so many co authors XD
RIP Marshmallow
Poor Bluefang. To be continued, by the way! Also I added too many sparkles. The layout is horrible. lol
Comic Dub!
The comic dub is out!!! Check it out here! :D
Special thanks to Myra, my best friend, who voiced Lotus! <3
Comic Dubs
Comic dubs coming soon! My voice actors are @tacogamestrong (creator of Minty), @cutiestudios (creator of Echo), Myra, Joy, Pandaturtle8 (creator of Gizmoo), Mae (creator of Swegstep), and me, of course! I'm so excited to start!! :D
RIP Bluefang
Well, obviously, this wasn't made by me. It was made by my brother! He will be also managing this site and helping me make comics. I know he isn't the best artist, but please be nice to him, OK? XD
Okay, I admit it. I've been SUPER lazy and busy with schoolwork and other events. My birthday passed a while ago, so I kinda forgot I was doing this comic thing. SORRY!! :( I love to draw the comic, and I have gotten a lot done, but it's such a hassle to upload the comic... I know I'm super lazy but I still want to continue this comic! If I disappear for a long time again, I'm probably procrastinating about uploading my un-uploaded comics. I will try to not procrastinate in the future. Also, panel 5 isn't inked because I lost my super fine tip sharpie.
oops i forgot Swegstep's ribbon scarf lol
@Muddy Mudkip: Sorry! XD Mint is the one with green eyes and has a knife. Echo is the one with green eyes. The brown cat stuck at the top is Gizmoo, the white one with wings is Yumi, the orange one is Firetail, the white one with black marks on her cheeks is Swegstep, the brown one with black stripes is Bluefang, the grey and white cat with a heart on her cheek is Stonetail, and the grey and white one with the purple flower is Lotus. :)
New character! And a few changes. Bluefang's fur isn't as brown as before, because I looked at his reference sheet and his fur isn't that dark. Swegstep's ribbon scarf thingy is now green because I thought it was blue or red but then my friend told me it was green lol. Anyway, the new character's name is Minty, and she's a cream she-cat with green eyes. She always has her leather jacket and knife around. O_O But she's super cute, so.. Yeah! Also Gizmoo's face doe XD And yes, Bluefang is using his marshmallow bag as a kickboard lol.
Also it was too big so I had to resize it over and over again which was annoying and you can't really read the first panel >.< Sorry! Also the pen and markers bled through so... yeah.
New character! She's a cat named Echo, my best friend's OC. She's a blue-grey she-cat with green eyes and a cute lil' daisy on her ear :3
New Cover!
@BowtheSylveon: Glad to hear it! Thank you so much! :D
Poor Bluefang. This is a parody of "I Want My Hat Back" by Jon Klassen!