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Oy,I see you have stumbled upon my page...or not. I'm a dork who likes drawing,ani-moo,swimming,bl/gl and other basic fun things. I'm not one for talking so if you like to speak to me,you might wanna speak first. Soo that's about it,if you have any questions feel free to pm me.
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October 7th, 2016
Nobody is aloud to kink-shame Jen,he has his desrires and we have ours
October 2nd, 2016
A boy in the street's a freak in the sheets
Friend ship kiss :)
@YaoiGirl09: Pft brain fart,I thought it said suicide or killed by crazy wife.
Oh me gosh!! No!! Did his father die?! If I remembered correctly didn't Brynn want to go to Law school, only make sense his family wanted to push him towards the government type of career :(

Poor Baby,no wonder they didn't want him home. I wonder if his father showed signs of depression and didn't want him to be home when he finally decides he couldn't take it. This is just too deep
He got a black eye...where the other one at though? This page is funny and yet sad. Shark Teeth over there agrees with me too
I could care less for sex scenes in movies period. They're really uncalled for,and not appealing to watch,especially around family.
Get up lazy bones. That's the joy of having a servant.
You know, I've always loves Yoshi and Luigi, kinda liking them a bit more. Yoshi chin looks like it can a boy though
See,this is what I was talkin about. With cute animals such as penguins there's no way someone is going to randomly yell "GAY!"

But the only distracting thing about animal enclosures are the smell. I haven't been to to the zoo in almost 2 years.
Finger lookin good. *Wiggles Eyebrows*
Penguins clear everything up,their so cute though! But poor Aki,he doesn't want to be bothersome to Kaidou. But Kaidou doesn't see it that way,does he?
I feel so bad and mad at myself. When reading the second panel,I sang the text to the lyrics of Cool for the Summer.
Calvin got that gay glow. Too shiny for me! My pan glow isn't bright enough.
Wow! That looks extremely painful,yet I can't stop looking.
July 25th, 2016
Jarren lookin pissed. Poor Trent,to be honest it looked like he got in a fight,then dived into a dumpster.
July 22nd, 2016
Back-Stories are my favs! Let's go!!
I say they're half fake half real. Of course Mono wouldn't of liked living with Kuro if he's been an ass to him since day one.
July 20th, 2016
Don't you just love square tables? I prefer round one's but whatever floats your boat Trent. But at last it seems that I have fallen for the bunny table as well. It's just so cute :D
I don't think he's dead but most likely hurt. Either,Emotionally or Physically.