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No Problem
Believe it or not, most fans DO care about the creator.

You need to do what is best for you.

My favorite comic, PUCK, was on total hiatus for a decade.

Do what you must - but come back when you can.

We will still be here.
Oh Noooo !!
Sally, where are you ?

That's NOT
Pete !!
The Akhilleus
is by far the coolest Air Ship you've yet imagined !
That's it Sally
get Fisticuff Mk II ready !
= Pinkerton.
Scissors Jack
I gave Extension Devices a lot of thought, and was going to ramble on and on.

But on second thought, the tried and true Scissors Jack is so classic, so perfect, really.

We all understand and recognize the Coil Spring, though.
Sally's Scissor-Jack Fisticuff has been upgraded to a Coil Spring ?

The Scissors-Jack was more traditional Looney-Toons.
I am
NOT very happy with someone trying to knife PEPPERBRANDY !

too small
the fonts are little small today
Hope the spring winds down soon !
Oh my whiskers
I'm in the mood to sock Elias again - he's a disgrace - not even good enough to be a wiener - he's more like a Vienna Sausage from a tin.
Tough Call
Sometimes color just detracts
is such a wiener. I want to punch him myself.
This cat is bilingual !
A Merque Escape Craft ?

Take notes everyone....
Oh, Ellison
You just don't get no respect.

If Hollywood has taught me anything, it is the bullying you endure now will transform you into a sadistic monster in a few years.

Oh well.

Stuff happens.
I'm dreaming of Electric Squir-Reels.

They're pretty close to Sheepses.

And nearly as tasty.
Sparks may fly !
Sally & Jack, kissing in a tree, L.I.G.H.T.I.N.G. !
Leave the R.elic O.f O.ld T.imes alone !