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Happy Ending !
As much fun TRIPP was to read, it's really nice to see it end and all the characters land on their feet.

I'm into ARIEL 51, but damn, you set yourself one high bar !
April 13th, 2017
Awwwww-SOME !
April 13th, 2017
Most Satisfying
April 13th, 2017
Fleshing It Out
Nice to see the Tripp/Coco relationship being fleshed out a bit.
April 13th, 2017
Mexico Hell
"And then Donald Trump showed up. He told me I could either remain in Hell, or he could deport me to Mexico ! That's when I started screaming, and woke up in my Casket."
This is already getting off to a bad start.
Tripp you idiot !
What kind of MAN are you ?

Always go for the GREAT SEX !!

(poor Proxy)
So Sad
This is so sad !

I'd be crying right now, if, you know, it were possible for my species to do so.

I guess a HOWL will have to do: ARUGULA !
Whzzz. Click.
Love the Whzz-Click

Bit of a homage to ROBBY ?
No Problem
Believe it or not, most fans DO care about the creator.

You need to do what is best for you.

My favorite comic, PUCK, was on total hiatus for a decade.

Do what you must - but come back when you can.

We will still be here.
Oh Noooo !!
Sally, where are you ?

That's NOT
Pete !!
The Akhilleus
is by far the coolest Air Ship you've yet imagined !
That's it Sally
get Fisticuff Mk II ready !
= Pinkerton.
Scissors Jack
I gave Extension Devices a lot of thought, and was going to ramble on and on.

But on second thought, the tried and true Scissors Jack is so classic, so perfect, really.

We all understand and recognize the Coil Spring, though.
Sally's Scissor-Jack Fisticuff has been upgraded to a Coil Spring ?

The Scissors-Jack was more traditional Looney-Toons.
I am
NOT very happy with someone trying to knife PEPPERBRANDY !

too small
the fonts are little small today
Hope the spring winds down soon !