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February 20th, 2017
"ohh that? yeaah well i just so happened to completely forget soo why dont i just leave and never come back here again bye"
is it bad that i kinda want Kodali to die?
@Critic: if he could see clara he probably would have noticed already. I think he feels offended by that.
....fuck this reference is like on the tip of my brain and yet i still cant remember what its from
@Guest: wait people like white chocolate? God i hate that stuff.
@Tosy123987: yeah but isnt the cliche the dumber you are the stronger you are
@VelvetRainbow: is their response punching his face?
November 15th, 2016
@weirdcartoonist: wow aint that surprising

also reg i remember you said you arent gay yet you clearly are very gay
November 3rd, 2016
@weirdcartoonist: wait i always thought lucus was bi...and if lucus is hetrosexual the according to comic 43ish then basil ghost guy whos name i forgot and charlie are all not straight. The first two were obvious but like seriously if charlie aint straight then what is he?
@42Meep: new movies lead to remakes. Remakes lead to bad reviews. Bad reviews lead to arguements. Arguements lead to hate comments. Hate comments lead to Kys
dont kys
Get rid of cable and switch to direct tv today
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: well yeah he is a complete idiot but im sure he can at least fight back
Come on dusk your level is two times larger then blizz how did you get stuck like that
Man come on we need to treat the fourth wall with love and respect not trying to subtly smash it without it even realising you did
I totally just imagined that one kid from incredibles saying "that was totally wicked" when miku did her jump thing
@mymom2000: i felt like it was obvious since i was adding to a discussion about Iten and im pretty sure Bokyurah wasnt found in a dumpster
@mymom2000: im talking about iten...
what if you just tell her you have memory loss? its not like she can make a comeback to that other then just say i dont believe you
@Stibikeybye: i feel like we are all forgeting a crucial detail on this. When he was found in the dumpster he said and i quote "please dont eat me! Humans taste awful! i swear!" key word "humans" oh and he was standing on two legs i guess'

edit:why can no one figure out who im talking about! was there more then one character who was found in a dumpster and said humans taste bad?
Umm maybe he is just angry because he thinks he is related to humans in some way and is totally not about to maul him...
is devin officially a jedi now?