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Describe myself? Hmm......

Physical:Well, I look like a vampire: pale perfect skin, peircing eyes, tall and slightly musceled, sharp teeth, etc.

Interests: I read every type of book and manga but at the moment I am in the gender bender/yaoi cycle. I like martial arts. Reading and writting.

Personality: Smart yet highly unmotivated. Solemn and reverent. A major flirt. Cool and colective but becomes satan when I get totally pissed.
yay for extra man fondling ^_^
I love this comic. I am a little conserned with Chess's man boobs on this page though
mmmmmmmmm....shirtless man
I hope he remembers the corn
tehe, pirate ship
does she have a mustache in the third panel?
I am already addicted to this story, I should probably get a life -_-"
amazing art and interesting story so far. I am waiting to see more of this genius
stupid next button isn't working again DX
You are truly evil! Leaving a cliffhanger like this
I like this story so far. i am hoping that Derek stops being a bitch real soon
i love it
omg new comic yeah!
this reminds me of like a video game but I wouldn't really know since I don't play them
...u named the gay guy star, well hoshi but it means the same. o well, c'est la vie
yeah ur back *hugs and confetti*
I love it too!Yeah super uke!