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yus. :'D

I have a couple others ready but they won't go up for a while so I can build a buffer, prevent delays.

(there's also a pic for halloween in case you didn't see it already)
this just in from twinleaf town
lucas is still waiting.

art by pachi
can you hear me?
if star is black star shooter, than obviously st is tits master, amirite?

full versions of them each alone will go on my da and the gallery later.

happy halloween!

(i think this is the first time i've drawn staraptor with sleeves.)
I loev char design. 8D

Tips...I don't know if there's any concrete thingy I can tell you to work by. When I design, I think about things like the shapes, materials, colours, motion, practicality, and generally thinking about composition on the body. Probably the most important thing is to design for the character, not just design for the heck of it. A shy character will cover up, a show-off will dress to match, or reverse, or whatever you want, it can be more interesting. Think of what they'd choose to wear.

In terms of my pokes, my mantra is to go as far from the original as I can without losing the connection between the two.

Also, I pay attention to fashion. XD

Character design is super fun, just play around with it. 8D
'Nother one.

Reminder: THIS IS NOT THE REAL COMIC. Just filler.

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That's pretty much what I did, and with Staraptor too, hence the connection...XD;;
In fact, Fly is the only reason Star has almost never left my party (less than 10-ish times).
Blue Version yeah!
K it's done.

It's Star and Jyn in costume as their Red/Blue counterparts. I'm pretty proud of how this turned out for the time I spent, haha.

I love Pidgeots as much as Staraptors. I have a soft spot for obligatory starter bird pokemon. =D
Another unfunny filler comic. =D;;

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I was feeling awful that we haven't uploaded any real comics for ages, so we've started a miniseries STARring our pokemon toys.

They take only like 30 min to make each, so we can upload frequently with these.

Any thoughts? Dumb idea? Good idea?
Please comment!
We have 16 almost done but 15 still has to be sketched.

sorrryyyyy~~ =A=
Lulz no one will be able to tell from just headshots pachi. XD;;

Yeah anyway, we have like crazy plans in the works, but school is getting busy, so...
All in good time, everyone.

BTW, forum is open up there. :D
I got lazy with this one. Sorry...
Yey my Pokes! I'm so in love with how Fer came out. <3 Lulz Star.

Anyway, for those who don't read our news, I just wanted to again thank all our fans for the support. 100 of you!&#9829;
And as a bit of a present/self-indulgence, I'd like you to look to the newest link on our nav bar up top. =D

Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu.

PS: Had to remove the RSS link from the nav bar to make forum link fit, if anyone desires that link, let me know.

Critique time! (no flames plz, lulz sj)
Those last four panels are really hard to read...did you mean to have the reader look at all three Beedrill, and then Machi? It might have worked better to have them each shown in three, parallel panels, then one panel of Machi underneath. Also, those crooked lines really take away from the suspense of the scene for me. D':

I am looking forward to how this plays out though. >D
September 3rd, 2008
Haha, got linked here to read the comments. Pretty lulz, really.
I'm not posting to jump in on the flame wars, but really people...if someone wants to critique, why not? Critique is to help the creator better their work, so don't get all defensive right away. I wish I got more eloquent, helpful critique of my work. Hearing criticism hurts, I know, but don't "take a grain of salt with a spoonful of sugar" about it. Unless, of course, you're not looking for critique. In which case, you ought to specify such to avoid this kind of stuff.

Don't want this post to become tl;dr, but I'd like to add my critique to the bunch. Yes, you're very good at what you draw, which is very attractive characters. But when your readers say they trouble distinguishing them, maybe you need to focus a little more on the traits that make them different, besides hair. Eyes are very effective at this, so try lots of different shapes. Also, body language is huge! How a character holds themselves is very crucial to how they look. Also, body types. I see you've distinguished Voltorb from the bunch, which is really fantastic, so you could easily do something similar (though less extreme) with your other characters.

Remember, regardless of what story you want to tell, you are a storyteller, and one of the most important things to keep in mind is clarity, for your reader's sake.

And please, fans, read my whole comment before choosing to flame. I'm only trying to help D':
The lettering was very difficult on this one. And it shows. ._.

Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu
Oh Psyduck. I love her so. <3

Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu.

Bulk of the work here by pachi. All but panel 2 background and lettering. XD

I'm almost starting to enjoy making establishing shots. ;;

Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu
Aaaaaaaaand we continue.

Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu.
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This one took forever. 100+ layers. @_@

Oh, and pachi introduced.
Art by Jynsing and Pachibamu.

As always, comments much appreciated! <3

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