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I have a feeling that Hobo was once a great magician but he managed to lose his hat and wand.
Now guys, it doesn't really MEAN they dated. Wallis has mentioned that they were partners before but it could be that they were friends trying to learn magic together. You don't want to judge too quickly, now. Piggy is a tricky trickster. She'll end up throwing a curve ball.
@WandaWalker: A couple of fabulous bitches and their boots. Add in a bit of latex and whips and we're golden.
I kind of ship them already.
I bet Wallis' bodyguard is of higher tier in Inverse (or perhaps a criminal) and he's hiding from them.
Cake Girl could of been Pink at one time but then she changed her name to Cake Girl because of her interests in sweets. Who knows? Or maybe those two adopted her into their family.
Wait until Indigo and the girls meet Purple. 8D
Ooh, this is gonna tick off ol' Fruitloop. He's gonna go Super Saiyan to see his sweetheart get beaten to a pulp.
Good god.. I don't know which Hawke is worse. The bandits are more civil than they are.
God, this is seriously a bad acid trip or something. lol
GASP! He bit his candy cane! Out of all the explosions and pain he went through and that candy cane snapped from newspaper ignorance. Are we going to see him without a candy cane?!
Watch this be blonde Harold with blue eyes.
Omg! He's one of those goth dudes I bet!
Oh wow.. she's beautiful.
Here it comes.. the big show!
This page shows a lot of great depth in the character development. It's great to see Wallis with advantages and disadvantages. He just feels.. really real in this while still being in-character. Kudos, Piggeh. You are a goddess among men with this comic. <3
Give that girl a hug!
I ship him with Seaweed. 8D
Aw! Sweetheart! She deserves to appear more in the story.. like Assistant's friend.
He's like a puppy.. a hobo puppy.