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Hello, I like so many things I bet I'll fall asleep trying to list them all... actually I like sleeping

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Hmm, I was going to post... oh well, back to doing nothing for me
I'll draw a page, but someone should tell me what time of day it is in the Dr. Scene.
(( I hope a character like this is okay ))

I'll update the fullbody picture later, I can't scan it right now because it might wake my mom up. Also, sorry for spelling errors, I'm falling asleep.

Name: Glasgow

Age: Around 200 years

Species: Spirit of industry/ looks like a Dobermann during the day

Alliance: His spirit form is anti-human, but his dog form is pro-human

Gender: Male


Dark gray hair, glasgow grin and collar. Sticks tounge out occasionaly.

Dog: It's a dog, it looks like a Doberman. has sharp eyes.

Human: Slouches, wears ragged clothing. Has big roundish eyes. His body is covered with nasty scars and he's missing his right arm mid-bicep.


The Human form is mousy and sometimes spiteful towards humans, although he usually is wary of them and keeps to himself. He hates how humans can turn a blind eye to situations like child labor, but is too wishywashy to do anything about it.

The dog form is brave, strong-willed and woun't back down from a fight. He is thankful to humans for creating industry, and will protect them/help them, out of appriciation.

Glasgow was born just around the industrial revolution.(He did exist before that, but the sudden expansion and energy of industry caused him to become aware of his existance)He has two sides that embody the differant aspects of industry.

The technical side of industry, the traveling, the pulling, tools and iron birthed a strong-willed and sharp animal. The pain, burned and ripped flesh, laboring children and death by machine consumated a pathetic and scarred soul.

Both are sides of the same mechanical and terrible industry. The animal, it's head tilted to the sky proudly faces the sun and only awakens to it, while the timid spirit hiding in the shadows will only appear during the night.

They both bear the items of their vices. Technology, a White collar with metal spikes adorning it; Mortal pain, a scar from ear-to-ear. (The dog's ears are higher, so it just goes to the side of it's face)
Noo, U.S. weight system sucksss, I can't measureeee
5"3 and 70ish is too light
What's up with Nido? is he constantly eating two sticks and a leaf?
:O You should get a fanart section to put all of the pictures I'm going to draw you in, because your characters are amazing!
Your style is some sort of amazingness I can't even describe
WOOooo Missions!
The expressions are great!
everyone's goneee ;.;
She reminds me of Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew
The skitty was the best part
Geishamaru who was sadly abandoned in the first Personify has come back for revenge, someone better do something quick, he's about to harass everyone's characters!

Because he's the personification of my tablet who was recently heat-damaged and now has a warp in the plastic covering, he is now "Warped" and is evil. :D

He's not staying though,just visiting.
No one will figure out who this is >:3
awwww, it's so cute
I found this old sketch of Irra and her brother Yuri (who was earl grey tea or something) so I decided to finish it.
I don't think they look anything alike exept that they're sexy guys.