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@Apollo-Pop: he's touchin' under the gore so it's all good.
*eyes pop out from holding breath* Pul-eeze don't ask him if he wants milk and honey or a cookie! I can't take another week without this poor boy getting some answers!
@secant1: gaming is always the best excuse for anything (it's not procrastination, it's exercise for your drawing digits)!
It just struck me: in movies, etc... nobody ever says "thank you" to the (supposed) bad guy who's risking himself to help you. I always found that a bit rude. But Allen's a polite sort, and I love him for it!

Oops, it's not Allen saying it this time-- but I still think he's sweet.
Patreon is a great idea. Are you on Tapastic? They have a tipping feature where people can give you "coins" in exchange for watching ads (without spending money). I know of a couple of artists, that between that and Patreon, are able to support themselves (not luxuriously, but they can afford food and electricity).
Been there
@chikao: not sure if this will help, but my cat had the crystals. Vet said surgery would be over $3k. My brother had 8 cats and a really amazing vet who said try wet cat food (canned) because cats don't drink enough water. Did that, switched dry food brands (the one I was giving her had lots of dyes) and got a fountain for her (fresh water constantly) and it cleared up in a few days. Hasn't been a problem since then. Hope this helps, and I hope things get better soon!