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LOL! I love her reaction! Priceless ;P
LMAO!!! That's the best approach ever xD
I didn't think she's actually get attacked xD
Lmao! I didn't notice that the students in the background were wearing a different uniform until you mentioned it. I was too distracted by how quickly the girl agreed to confess xD
LMAO!!!!!!! XD
LMAO! Best response xD
LMAO! He's so cute just like a dog xD
lol i love their expression i kind of do like them paired up but all well xD
WOW I found this comic randomly and its amazing!! >w< Keep it up
OMG! Whoa I didn't see this coming

O ____ O
man he didn't have to be a jerk even though it makes sense why he would need to be now I'm just feeling bad for the both of them xD
LMAO! I love her reaction to the lobster rather than the guys xD
January 21st, 2010
rofl!!!! I love her reaction XD
lol such a cute comic >w<
lmao wow xD i'll doodle anyways but dont count me in bc usually i never know what i would want you to draw nayways xP ...gotta finish our art trade anyways XD::
LOl i know eveyrones dead i didnt finish my mini comic thnig for jade... then i lsot it after i bought a scanner ^^"sooooo yea.... -shot-
mna i loved this page its so cute and i loved how the other joey was like =_="
Hey you guys I'm going to my friends cottage on Aug 2- Aug 8 so yea here's a picture of me super excited XP I was planning on going to Chi's house to scan how Jade got the job as a waiter at CafeBliss2

BTW. Can't wait to come back and see what everyone posted o3o

P.S.Just start from chapter 2 if you have a new drawing style
@ Itsumi Omoyashi: Thanks =) I created him from the top of my head for an art trade (yaoi >_>")