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LOL! I love her reaction! Priceless ;P
LMAO!!! That's the best approach ever xD
I didn't think she's actually get attacked xD
Lmao! I didn't notice that the students in the background were wearing a different uniform until you mentioned it. I was too distracted by how quickly the girl agreed to confess xD
LMAO!!!!!!! XD
LMAO! Best response xD
LMAO! He's so cute just like a dog xD
lol i love their expression i kind of do like them paired up but all well xD
WOW I found this comic randomly and its amazing!! >w< Keep it up
OMG! Whoa I didn't see this coming

O ____ O
man he didn't have to be a jerk even though it makes sense why he would need to be now I'm just feeling bad for the both of them xD
LMAO! I love her reaction to the lobster rather than the guys xD
January 21st, 2010
rofl!!!! I love her reaction XD
lol such a cute comic >w<
lmao wow xD i'll doodle anyways but dont count me in bc usually i never know what i would want you to draw nayways xP ...gotta finish our art trade anyways XD::
LOl i know eveyrones dead i didnt finish my mini comic thnig for jade... then i lsot it after i bought a scanner ^^"sooooo yea.... -shot-
mna i loved this page its so cute and i loved how the other joey was like =_="
lol aww he's being such a meanie but its coot xD
pfft i find it funny how misty is alone in the top corner where everybody else is clinging to someone except psyduck but he doesnt count since hes sleeping randomly showing his butt XD
Hey you guys I'm going to my friends cottage on Aug 2- Aug 8 so yea here's a picture of me super excited XP I was planning on going to Chi's house to scan how Jade got the job as a waiter at CafeBliss2

BTW. Can't wait to come back and see what everyone posted o3o