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uhhh well hai dere I'm Shadow and I'm a very weird artist who is in love with video games, pokemon, Warrior Cats, Skydoesminecraf, Aphmau (You are my best friend if you know who she is), and so on. I love to draw and I'm learning how to animate even tho i suck at it. I think I may be putting too much stuff in here so I guess I'll go now....

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Yup. Actually created my new account called PurpleSprite :')
I added it to EeveeVille so now I'll be posting comics on that account. I still may come back to this account every now and then but still.

I'll also make a new art comic for my new account soon and I may link it here once it's created but I dunno.

Also, this picture is just an icon I made for the new account soooo ye
@WiispNightmare: I will most likely draw a new avatar for my new account considering my current avatar is reasonably old (still decent tho)

And ya it'll be easier to know what to be called :')
Or at least as long as someone doesn't have a username with Sprite in it- (god I hope not)
@Midnight-fox18: Ya, that's what I was mainly planning to do. I was most likely going to get a new account and mainly use that one instead of this one. I may try with the actual username change but...ya
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Well you and everybody else don't know no plot soooo-
@RealBoxTheEevee: Merry Easterween! :D
Hey guys! So I'm just putting this here to tell you all that I'm going to be changing my username to PurpleSprite. I hope that you guys don't see it as a weird name. Some of my internet friends and I were talking about usernames and I kinda wanted a username change (along with another person, but still).
One of my friends came up with the username "PurpleSprite" I am. I'll prob keep my username as ShadowWarrior05 for a tiny bit but by tomorrow, ShadowWarrior05 won't be my username anymore.

Please tell me what you guys think of the username PurpleSprite in the comments...and I have nothing else to say
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Who's to say it's a demon?
@HarrisonButterGem: Well who's to say it's a ghost-
@RealBoxTheEevee: Noottt exactly but close
@RealBoxTheEevee: Well there's also the question of why her eyes are glowing red. Which relates to why she is attacking.
Which could probably be found out upon close inspection....Or I dunno
Woops- I mean, would you look at that. An actual comic posted since about 7 months ago.

I'm finally back in the webcomic business and ready to share my horrible drawings with the internet.

Btw, you have the AMAZING WiispNightmare to thank for all the coloring (backround, shading, collorrss) and for some of the motivation I have to continue the webcomic.

I love all you guys so much so thanks for all of the support and 40+ fans <3 I'll most likely have a 40+ comic coming out soon. I dunno what else to say

Lineart by - me/ShadowWarrior05
Coloring by - WiispNightmare

(Also who is that in the last panel? hmmmmmm-)
Sorry for commenting late-

But tysm it's so beautiful :"3
You are an amazing artist srsly
Would it be bad to request a human version of my pokesona-?

(I never really do requests because I always feel like I'll just be annoying and everything,
sorry :'>)
My god it's so fabulous...

Well I mean- I tried, okay?
I tried to get out of my comfort zone and try some lineless art which is preeettyyy bad but it's good enough for one of my first tries I guess.

Btw this character belongs to Eddsworld
And then there's me who is still a young 11 year old.... :')
@Midnight-fox18: Thank you >w<
Well would you look at that. I actually posted...not a comic but still a post.
A cover was kind of long overdue I finally got off of YouTube and tumblr to make this, and also some other things.
Now on my art-comic-thing I said that I would probably put Eeveeville on an even longer hiatus, but now it's possible that I'll keep up the posting (not exactly regularly but when I can)

I just wanted to say the main reason why I haven't been updating this tho: School and life in general. Life hasn't exactly been the best to me lately and school isn't helping it either. I've gotten grounded twice so far in two months because of missing school work and I was having E's in some subjects. Plus, besides webcomics I also have fan-fictions, a YouTube channel, and tumblr. Not like I've been updating those much either but still.
I thank you guys for your patience :')
I'm a liitttlle late and you prob won't see this but imma just go ahead and say this:

Thank you for all you have given us. It would obviously be rude to tell you not to leave or to continue tea since this is what you wish for. So thank you for all of the time you have given us on SmackJeeves, and goodbye for if you don't come back
All I can say is that I wished I talked to you more instead of just being the quiet person I am.
@WiispNightmare: Well then, if you really want to I'd happily send you a co-author invitation along with the little plot I have managed to create for it. Plus, having a co-author might help me stop being lazy for once and actually do it....

And just gonna say this one more time: Thank you :')
I honestly didn't think that people would like Rose and I kept feeling like I was missing something....
But internet people are just SO NICE
@Midnight-fox18: Thank you!
Gah- internet people are way too nice :'D
No matter how big of a compliment/comment/whatever it is