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That One Kid On This One Site
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Tallyho? Geez Cheren is such a nerd! XD
Holly shitstacks what just happened!

Yet only mean bad things have yet to come!
Good luck in 9th grade, I'm going to 9th as well. Hope it goes well for you!
Happy Anniversary!

-Throws confetti-
There's nothing here he said. That's what they all say until your friend phases through a rock.
It's always those darn actors!
I like our version of N. He's sweet and funny at the same time.
After like two weeks I finally decided to try this comic out, and I am not disappointed. This is amazing and adorable.
A little better, next page will be better... maybe.
I'm just getting lazy now... next page will be better. Not really, so page after the next one. Next page isn't important.
I can't draw houses.... or backgrounds.
Dat truck tho... :/
Next page will be better
Yay, a decent cover page!. Don't expect top quality art okay. The next few pages are total shit.
This comic was absolutely beautiful.
Haha, so his BF likes to hang out in the trash huh? Didn't expect that.
I just found this comic and it's amazing. I love it.