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Ooooh.... exciting twist! I wonder what's gonna happen? At this point I'm kinda satisfied either way tbh.
Up to date!
Realized I don't update here, so yeah, we're up to date. However, if you'd like to see the fillers and guest comics I skipped. go to [url=[/url]
Charlie; Awesome. Love her.
Craig; Not as satisfying as Charlie, but he's a good addition.
Hogan; Good player overall, I'm glad.
Wendy; I didn't dislike her, hopefully she gets more of a personality. I would've preferred Pat though.
Al/Bitsy; Might as well put them together, I don't really like or dislike either of them alone, but together I like them.
Mary; Awesome. If she doesn't interact with Minerva at all I'm gonna be mad though.
Vinnie; Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So glad he's here, he's probably my fav schemer of all time. Too bad Baxter isn't here this season, I'd like to see Vinnie own him, show him how its done.
Beth; Wow. Ok. She better do something, because she's so friggen boring. Holy crap. Hope, Baxter, Marty, Bessi Bell, friggen Delta, I don't care. But Beth? Jeez.
Norman; Looking forward to him possibly being a rival to Vinnie, though a lot less cutthroat.
Popper; The only good thing from him would be if he won, it would be funny.
Violet; I actually kinda liked him except at the very end when he did something. God damn, man, are you stupid?
Joe; I honestly don't think he'll do that well, he's a strategist on a lot smaller of a scale to me (or was he the social one? I honestly couldn't keep straight who was who between him and Marc).
Kala; I like her, her and Craig were the dumbasses I liked the most, so I'm glad they're back.
Lucky; I liked her but she really wasn't my fav. I would've preferred Chaona go over her but oh well.
Minerva; Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So pumped to see what she'll do. Hope she wins.
Amy; Out of the four coming back from SFC5; I like her the most. To me she's kinda like a more physical Bitsy(except I didn't really care all that much about Bitsy, but I liked Amy).
Gatemaster; Ugh, I dunno. I never liked him as much as everyone else. He better be an early boot, or at least not ruling the whole game this time.
Maria/Mo; I can live with it, she's okay. I find Maria MORE interesting then Mo, oddly enough.
Sin; I think he was somewhat robbed in SFC5, and I'm kinda excited to see him back. I feel he has more to contribute in this season then the last.
Do you take fan characters for any season now? Or is it just for certain seasons? (obviously besides this one, I mean.)
So, I stopped updating here a while ago, but I decided I might as well start up at SJ again.

Also, please join the
Dun use Photoshop, dude.
In the last panel, Jeff says they have tribal council tomorrow, and two days to decide who. :/

Good comic though!
I love this comic.

I'm so glad this season FINALLY started! :D
All right, I'm not a huge fan of Author comics, though sometimes they can turn out good, I guess.

This comic seems alright, definetly more developed than most author comics.

It's too bad that authors of the comic are argueing, that just ruins the whole fucking point. D:


And the fight is over idiotic things too.

I think everyone is just taking this comic a little too seriously...

So, you know, fighting ruins the whole point of author comics, and pretty much turns people away from reading the comic if the authors are argueing over stuff.

So, just try to make up, I guess. :/

Or don't listen to me at all. D:

Also, try updating only once a day, don't be in a hurry to get a lot of pages, just take everything in stride.
Last page was day 30.
Good comic though! :D
This'll be moved to the first comic next update.
They're ALL Walrus here. D:
Camds, he can't do issues, because the next issue is the flash. Kevin doesn't have anything else to put up, there are people who care, just not on this site...

And, camds, number 2 on your list doesn't make much sense to me... :/
Care to elaborate?
Not that I'm here enough to check...