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May Talon's claws end your suffering so that there will be nothing left... except joy and flowers!
Thank you for the cameo, Neko, looks great!
Go play in your room? Fool, ghosts have no boundaries. The world is my playroom!
Yea! All fruit bats should be free bats!
Oh, fruit bats. I guess they don't need Type O for dinner tonight.
You can tell who the bad guy is by the looks on their faces.

It's Grenth.
Long time, no siege. Here, have a digital paper with action.
Aaaa, panel 3 makes me want to scream in adorable.
Wonderful and unique artstyle, and good colors!
I spy some good quality here. Can't wait to see more!
Mist clearly has more adrenaline pumping matters to attend than to a mere festival. Like gold mining on cliffs or disarming rusty spike traps.
Cat paw darts in, cat paw darts out. Proof that Naya is no human.
Yes, Amber, Mist is a girl.
Unless you were thinking of another title like "Ghostess" or "Queen."
"Jasper, may I have a word with you in the other room?"

C'mon Neko, this was your chance to draw 'another room' in the same page! Would have been a killer opportunity!
I read snacks and my stomache growled.
I feel like they have talked about Talon before in this way.
How long has he been on the run??
Run away? But aren't they floaters? Ah ha!
This is your 'house?'

Well no, it's a mansion, but your right, It's not quite homely.
At least all the readers get to witness the perfect teleport. Thats an accomplishment, right?
Double bad omen on the last panel. Scared Naya and cat-face Mist.