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I feel like they have talked about Talon before in this way.
How long has he been on the run??
Run away? But aren't they floaters? Ah ha!
This is your 'house?'

Well no, it's a mansion, but your right, It's not quite homely.
At least all the readers get to witness the perfect teleport. Thats an accomplishment, right?
Double bad omen on the last panel. Scared Naya and cat-face Mist.
The forest is very pretty. A shame we won't get to see it more -shot-.
Why did I literally read NAYAN in the 3rd panel before I second-guessed myself. That's not your writing xD.
Talon's been framed since page one, unless you didn't use borders.
I am more reassured that Mist continues to carry that brick in the bag. Perhaps heavier (and more shiny) rocks as well.
Talon, this is exactly what Mist wants, an adventure with bloodthirsty mobsters on your tail. Just like the movies!
Yes Mist, be okay with the crimnals/theives in your house.
I guess at least they aren't arsonists.
Now it's Mists time to shine. Maybe she'll become self-aware since she'll noticce all the shiny.
Yup. Raptorch is the cutest thing ever. 1st place cute prize.
Zoroark should have been converted to the good side during that time. It's what all antagonists do these days!
Theres an error on the sneasel.
You forgot to put a nosering.
"I *love* campfires!"
Proud supporter of REVENGE.
But it will turn out Bern will be the good dinosaur.
"I'm leaving."
"What? When-why?
"Because I'm a crimnal too. And so is Moltres. And so are you."
On the trail... trails... they're gonna have to split the party and face these bosses one at a time.
I am interested how someone can spread disease. What did they have!? Something from the future, no doubt.