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Yes Mist, be okay with the crimnals/theives in your house.
I guess at least they aren't arsonists.
Now it's Mists time to shine. Maybe she'll become self-aware since she'll noticce all the shiny.
We'd be fools not to expect the main character to make a graceful appearence. Long live Echo!
Deep thoughts. Naya dislikes deep thoughts. Need more silly here.
Yup. Raptorch is the cutest thing ever. 1st place cute prize.
Zoroark should have been converted to the good side during that time. It's what all antagonists do these days!
Theres an error on the sneasel.
You forgot to put a nosering.
"I *love* campfires!"
Proud supporter of REVENGE.
But it will turn out Bern will be the good dinosaur.
"I'm leaving."
"What? When-why?
"Because I'm a crimnal too. And so is Moltres. And so are you."
On the trail... trails... they're gonna have to split the party and face these bosses one at a time.
I am interested how someone can spread disease. What did they have!? Something from the future, no doubt.
Oh hey. Death dog is dying. Fitting.
Strike him down, and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
Now that I think about it, is Alex Mega Evolved? Certainly floofy enough for that.
The campfire... is very angry.
After all, it is roaring.
I get the feeling Naya will bump into all sorts of characters.
Bad guys.
Good guys.
Naya no, that's not a fire type!
Whats on the wanted picture? Why, It's a flareon. A canon flareon. It's much uglier, hence their shocked expressions.
They don't seem like responsible council members, they don't have baggy eyes.
Yes, Mr. Crabs, I mean, Abbs, there will be money involved.