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Well, I don't really have much to say about myself ^^; I'm in the process of writing out my first comic. I'm OCD about detail when it comes to storylines so I always do that "outline" thing your language teachers always tried to get you to do.
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Yay! So Larc's gonna be a pirate, now?

And I think the spread's super nifty.
Voltorb watching a creepy concept. o.0
Larc's jump was awesome xD

And I'm no toattly sure what my resolution is, but I have no horizontal scrolling.
I sense impending rape o.0
They look so happy, talking about how they can kill people...xD
Aw, NB uses such harsh words...
I always enjoy your stick people panels xD
Wow. It's gotta be uncomfortable to be the only one sleeping with your ass sticking up xD Voltorb makes me giggle.
Aw, Bo's so cute when he asks...
*words of moral support*
Aw, we'll forgive you for we all know school is a harsh mistress xD

Larc is adorable :3
Huzzah! Voltorb! xD
Ugh, she should just slap him 'cause he deserves it for being a poopoo face.
Just thought I'd let you know that I think Rebel Prince is lovely and I wouldn't leave. Cuz that's stupid. There are still good parts to get to.

*gigglesnort* He said dork
Oh boy, lots of sharp, pointy things to wave around! Hurrah!
Haha, Baraku called her a railing xD
Baraku has to be my favorite king. Ever.
Aw, I want a door with no doorknob with awesome sound effects...
So his headaches come from thinking too much? xD That's great~!
It's...A TORTURE CHAMBER! Congratulations on your prize!