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Well, I don't really have much to say about myself ^^; I'm in the process of writing out my first comic. I'm OCD about detail when it comes to storylines so I always do that "outline" thing your language teachers always tried to get you to do.
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Yay! So Larc's gonna be a pirate, now?

And I think the spread's super nifty.
Larc's jump was awesome xD

And I'm no toattly sure what my resolution is, but I have no horizontal scrolling.
They look so happy, talking about how they can kill people...xD
Aw, NB uses such harsh words...
I always enjoy your stick people panels xD
Aw, Bo's so cute when he asks...
*words of moral support*
Aw, we'll forgive you for we all know school is a harsh mistress xD

Larc is adorable :3
Ugh, she should just slap him 'cause he deserves it for being a poopoo face.
Just thought I'd let you know that I think Rebel Prince is lovely and I wouldn't leave. Cuz that's stupid. There are still good parts to get to.

*gigglesnort* He said dork
Oh boy, lots of sharp, pointy things to wave around! Hurrah!
Haha, Baraku called her a railing xD
Baraku has to be my favorite king. Ever.
Aw, I want a door with no doorknob with awesome sound effects...
It's...A TORTURE CHAMBER! Congratulations on your prize!
Wow! All the symptoms showed up! I gotta say I like Nova xD
Maybe if you beat the artblock with a large stick, it'll go away? xD

Awesome comic so far!
Hooray for random captains interrupting your speeches! xD
Oh damn, I hope she's trying to suppress her rage or shaking with attempted understanding or something. I want her to be like, "" or some equally "I give up" sort of thing...