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Hey one and all~! I'm a sketcher with many many names(due to typos and friends giving me them XD) Going to college for graphic design. lettss see...for things I like video games, Rping chars, designing stories for chars, and making puns looooaads of puns eue. as for occupation I'm pretty much a freelance artist so if you ever feel up to commissioning me check my deviantart ovo
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finally managed to make the saturday update. Going to try and keep this momentum going.
jeez hope things go better for you halo
heeyyy its been a while but I'm back and I'm gonna try getting into the swing of things now that my comp is all fixed and set up. so here's page 3 finally. You may or may not notice a change in art style. I kinda like it uvu . Sooo with that out of the way looks like Reevs got a frog in his throat with all the interruptions...or likely to be the other way around . who knows?
Reev is growing pretty well into his job eh?
cant wait to see where this story goes ^^
I'd like to think this is most characters reaction to girl scouts XD
just uploading the cover for now. will be working on a few buffer pages to make the page releases more regular so i don't run around like a invasion happening :T.