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Hello, I'm a 16 years old from Brazil, I love to draw and enjoy reading. Meeting new people is wonderful, so don't be afraid to send a mesage.
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    Arthur Resende Faria
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*Sleeps in the stairs*
Wait if Louie and Eros's mothers were in a relationship even if secretly, would the relationship between Louie and Eros be considered incest?

They aren't related biologically but for example in the case of a mother separated from her husband with a child marrying another man with a child as well, the children would not be biologically related but it would be incest nonetheless, wouldn't it?

So would the relationship between Louie and Eros be incest?
Deodorant works
I love her already
March 12th, 2019
Oh no they watched the pmd ending
I binge read this at 2am, it's really good dude, <s>but why do I always binge read stuff that are in a cliffhanger?
All the while the pichu is DABBING FEROCIOUSLY
option 2, we embarrassed her enough already XD
I honestly thought that was eevee, I had to reread the whole comic to realize that this is how crystal evolved.
She learned!!!So cute.
I Sure had a good time reading it, good luck with school and see you later.
Time to see the awkward partners.
@effsnares: I know, but that's something that I didn't saw often in other nuzlocke comics, details like this make this comic even more relatable.
Are Desmond and Green growing a Beard???
I've reread this part of the comic, and now I can only read Eevee's dialog in aquamarine's voice.
A question
About the reminder you let, what do you consider a relevant commentary.
yes, we are, this comic is actually one of the bests.