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Hi my name is Arthur I'm 14 years old and I'm from Brazil, english isn't my first language so I'll probably make some mistakes.
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    Arthur Resende Faria
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I honestly thought that was eevee, I had to reread the whole comic to realize that this is how crystal evolved.
She learned!!!So cute.
I Sure had a good time reading it, good luck with school and see you later.
Time to see the awkward partners.
@effsnares: I know, but that's something that I didn't saw often in other nuzlocke comics, details like this make this comic even more relatable.
Are Desmond and Green growing a Beard???
I've reread this part of the comic, and now I can only read Eevee's dialog in aquamarine's voice.
A question
About the reminder you let, what do you consider a relevant commentary.
yes, we are, this comic is actually one of the bests.
wow, you made things really intense in the best way I could imagine.
The style is indeed different, but really good too, especially the expressions, good job the two.
The page looks so gorgeous, love your comics, and pichu's reactions(it'll take some time for me to remember their name) is just like when you change schools.
I love the way you made the partner force Tim Tom to leave, sounds like fun.
I never have noticed this before, but I think this comic is leading us to an interesting place, for example, Avis os the hero and Rodney is(I guess) the partner, in the games they are aways a great team, in other comics too, but here Rodney Hates humans, And Avis is one, so There might bem a chance of breaking "the bond" between them, And I think It might be interesting.
Oh hey!!!
I'm happy that the comic is back, and with this I can assume you could handle some of the mess your life was, you don't really need to get back to the wwkly updates if the potentially bad news are too bad.
I Hope you're getting better.
The hype is at it's peak.