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I've been excellent, like always. You have any type of contact enabled, so I can communicate with that is; "Shard," for ol' time sakes. (MSN Messenger be ol' school, we are new school noa. Hue hue.) Awesome seeing you again, bud.
@Shard: Aawh, you remember me, am happi. It's been well, 6 years pass and it's still well, how were you Nivvy, bivvy?
And here we are 6 years later and still making comics, you my friend Shard are one special lady. Props' on props my ol' sprite comic making chum.
Nice to see your back, Shard. Long time no see. Nice updates.
Well, this is amusing. Keep up te good work.
Nice job, as always Jason. But, it's bugging me, what happend to them. Keep up the great work.
Kirby 64 on Page 64! -Shot-
Another comic, another fan. metaishopeless, i'm impressed how you can storyboard Kirby Crystal Shards in a stage as humans. This is great, keep up the great work, i'll be watching.
Impressive, Jasononline...
This is quite a remarkable comic, I have to say... Had a comic similar to this on Druckduck a year ago. Yeah, their eyes are okay. Guess I'll be checking in on this comic. Nice job, can't wait for more.
3 in a row!
Sweet I manage to remember where I left off and made 3 comics. Alright school's out here, so I can finally stay on top of things. Thanks all for the previous comments, hope you are still enjoying Destiny Star.
Now we now what happen between the connection of the Gold and Aqua Emerald. But, it looks like Dark needed it for something...
Woah, painful momment... We finally know a clue on what happen to him.
Now I am accepting cameos. Please, make sure it's a good base edit.
Well, mostly Phohtoshop CS3. And alot of Paint to place things in order easier. Though takes a killer of time just to make one issue...
Awesome opening, I must admit... I can tell this is going to be an awesome project. I hope all of you guys enjoy.