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September 20th, 2016
Sorry for the delay!
I've been pretty hung up with doing... pretty much anything that isn't this! I'm planning to get back to working on it consistently again, though. No promises, but hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more updates from now on. :D
And so begins the prologue. This bit should be around 40 pages, but I got anxious and decided to post the first 18 which I've already finished. Heh. So let's see where this unusual adventure goes!
Hey! If you've read this far, well... thanks for reading! I decided to release these first 25 pages as a sort of preview for the comic, which will officially begin releasing sometime this Summer! :D

I hope you've enjoyed this bit of content so far - it's the first scene from chapter one - and hopefully you'll be as excited as I am for the official release! As things come together I'll probably be able to announce an official date, but for now I would say to expect more pages no sooner than August. D:

In the mean time I'll be slicing into one hell of a buffer, haha. Well... See ya then!